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Shakti Rising is a social change organization transforming the lives of women, girls, and the larger community. We cultivate the health and emerging leadership of women and girls, ultimately empowering them to use their personal transformation as a catalyst for positive change in their families and communities. Our work actively promotes community well-being by creating woman and child friendly societies that are safe, healthy, vibrant, diverse, sustainable, and culturally alive. Our mission is to empower women to uncover, rediscover, and reclaim their whole selves.

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Community Potluck Brunch

2211 O St

Our Community Brunch is an experience where we invite the newcomer retell our collective story create, experience, redefine community have a taste of Shakti Rising and most importantly, eat delicious food with wonderful people! Please join us for this free monthly event every 3rd Sunday and bring a vegetarian potluck dish to share. RSVP here: https://www.shaktirising.org/sfu-calendar/2019/3/17/community-potluck-brunch-sacramento-ca-4lac3-hrm78

Unleash Your Wild Feminine! Big Day of Giving Fundraiser & Party

A tantalizing offering of heart-opening experiences, including educational mini-workshops, rejuvenating self-care stations, connecting with community, local art and entertainment, delicious food, awards and more... Join us for our this fundraiser and celebration!

9 Gates of Awakening Ceremonial

2211 O St

Waiting for a sign? This is it. You are the one we are waiting for. The 9 Gates of Awakening are initiations and practices for embodying your soul’s essence and enacting purpose. Distilled from pan-cultural wisdom traditions, the 9 Gates of Awakening lead you to a deeper relationship with your own wild divine and into a richer experience of Life itself. Soul Recovery is perhaps the great need and longing of our times. Come explore your inner landscape through shamanic practices, movement, expressive arts and reflection in a supportive environment held by gifted soul whisperers. Investment in this course is $108. Space is limited. Register here: https://www.shaktirising.org/sfu-calendar/2019/5/4/9-gates-ceremonial-sacramento-3tges

Wild Weeds & Wisdom Ways: 1 day

2211 O St

The oldest and most proven pathways to health are also those that we tend to overlook because they seem too simple or quaint. Yet rediscovering the wisdom of your own body and ancient ways of wellness is some of the most liberating and juicy learning there is. Living the Seasons is a sensate experience of our natural seasons, rhythms and ecosystems and how these conspire for our whole person wellness. Each season features foods, herbalism and healing practices that bring you more into alignment and restore your trust in your bodily knowing and ability to heal yourself, and share this with friends and family. Guided by seasonal themes, you’ll find the learning is more like remembering and playing, and coming home to your body which is the temple of your soul. SPRING ~ Wild Weeds & Wise Women Ways Walking the beauty way in our daily lives Foraging and weed gathering, spring foods and nutritives Reproductive health & juicy living Celebrating our women’s bodies, moon cycles and traditions The investment in this course is $75 (materials included). Space is limited. Register here: https://www.shaktirising.org/sfu-calendar/2019/5/18/spring-living-the-seasons-sacramento

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April Garden Work Day

2211 O St

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