Find UR Heart Path: Drumming + CaCao Ceremony+ MedicineWheel = UR New Future

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Every 2nd Saturday of the month

Silver Strand Beach Oxnard

150 Fillmore St · Oxnard 93035, CA

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Drumming, Cacao Ceremony, Vision Quest for YOUR power in the ancient Medicine Wheel - Join in and drum out the old - releasing old limits - and open to more of your full potential. Call in Power to make the changes in Life that enrich you. Tap into your sources of Power (that come to you) as the Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop takes form and shape.

The 4th was the New Moon - a time to find ‘new beginnings’ and now insights show up for how to achieve what you desire most. Springtime into Summer is flooding us with Solar Power - insights and Inspiration.

A Shamanic Knowing Circle (Sacred Hoop or Unified Field) holds all Wisdom - and organizes it in a pattern that is useful for your personal self-discovery. Create a Vision or map that you can use to listen to YOUR OWN wisdom. What's new for you? How best can you approach it? What's the path? All of this and more is revealed in the Medicine Wheel Shaman Practice. Walk the Wheel, tune in and retrieve your own answers. Align with a Future you can see and feel.

We begin with a Shaman Cacao Ceremony--it is a heart-warming plant medicine, that guides you easily - into slipping into your Heart Vision for your Life Path. Imagination creates the 'map' and Life Force floods in inspiration and new insights.

Align your new insights with your own rhythms and drum it in. Align with Earth Mother and the Cosmic Mother.... with sounds, bells, bowls and drums.

The Shaman Medicine Wheel shows you your easiest way to access your path: Now walk it and test it out. ONE big idea - changes everything: Journey for it.

Now is the time to find balance and harmony: The Earth is constantly changing: Solstices and Equinoxes are the four cross-over points in the year's Solar Cycle. They mark the mid-point of each season changing into the next. All cultures acknowledge the shifting seasons with special holidays. As the Season changes - so do you. Align with the energy NOW and your near future.

Build an Inner Map and discover your own inner language and the guides, angels, light Beings and ancestors that are here for you. The Medicine Wheel becomes a Guide (Map)… and once we have an outline and path - then we go “within” - use it, and ....let go. See what shows up for you. Build up your Inner Awareness in this way. Very soon you'll have access to your own Power to create and live by conscious choices.

The ancient wisdom schools also hold their rites of passage and initiations during these windows of clarity. If you want changes - prepare now- catch the power of the Season - and a new quality of life as we cycle through the timing of the Earth's rotation or seasons.

Workshop is $25 (includes Cacao)- and ends in a potluck feast. Please bring a favorite dish, salad, snack or ?

We walk the Medicine Wheel on the roof garden overlooking the ocean. Have a warm wrap or sweater - it gets cooler at Sunset. Most of the workshop is indoors.

Time: 2:30 pm to 5:30 p.m. Please arrive early (2:30 p.m.) and settle in -- be a part of forming the circle and setting the drumming circle. Driving time or distance: From the 101 and the 405 it is 48 miles. Location: the South end of Victoria at Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard.

Many of our group are artists and creative -- bring your crafts and art work to sell -- AND - You may find a special gift for yourself or others.

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Shaman Wisdom:

the Sun Seasons: Solstice and Equinox -

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