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March 22-24, 2013
"Truth is not puffed up. Truth is in the gentle breeze of a whisper." Kristi Posey, August 2001
Intuitive Counselors, Alternative Healers, Aura Photography, Vendors &
16 Workshops on Health and Spirituality.

All workshops are included in the price of admission.
Daily Admission: SAT: $10 SUN $8 Weekend Pass $15

Festival Times:
Friday, March 22nd 4:30 - 7:30 PM - Intuitive Counselors will be available for readings Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
$35 for 30 minutes
Festival will not be open to the public on Friday

All Festival events open on Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday, March 23rd 9:45 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday, March 24th 10:45 AM - 6:00 PM
For more information or to schedule an appointment with an Intuitive Counselor
Call (864) 233-3033 or EMAIL TO:

Food Service Provided
A Child's Haven is our charity. Bring an item for their Wish List and receive $1.00 discount on admission. A portion of the admissions will be donated to A Child's Haven.

Directions To The Greenville Shrine Club:
From Asheville, NC area - 26 to Hendersonville; 25 to Greenville, pass Travelers Rest 276 into Greenville, left on 291 (construction area Pleasantburg Drive), left at 4th light on Rutherford Road. Pass Farmers Market on right, get in left hand lane, Cross bridge, turn left on Beverly Road. Shrine Club on left.

From Georgia 85 area: 85N - 185 into Greenville. When interstate ends continue straight (pass BiLo Center on right). (you are on Church St.) Street will end; turn right onto Wade Hampton Blvd, left at 4th light on 291, right at next light onto Rutherford Rd. Pass Farmers Market on right, get in left hand lane, cross bridge, and turn left on Beverly Road. Shrine Club on left.

From Columbia area to Greenville on 26 - 385. Pleasantburg Drive (291), exit north/left at 3rd light onto Pleasantburg, Right at 2nd light onto Rutherford Road, Pass Farmers Market on right, get in left hand lane, cross bridge, turn left on Beverly Road. Shrine Club on left.

Saturday, March 23rd
10:00 AM Crystal Healing..................……………..Sharon Bridwell
11:00 AM How Often Do You Pay It Forward?.............................................................Catherine Craven
12:00 PM Transformative Love Technique: Class and Healing Circle……….....Kim Rising
1:00 PM Using Your Auric Energy Wisely…………………………………………………….Olympia Freeman
2:00 PM The Value Of The Practical Aura………………………………………………………………Joy Walker
3:00 PM Natural Health For Your Pets………………………………………………..Dr. Jeanne Fowler DVM
4:00 PM The Bliss Effect~ The Light Effect for Body, Mind & Spirit………………Carol Calvert
5:00 PM Unconditionally Love Yourself…………………………………………………………..Justin Blackburn
6:00 PM Natural Solutions For Stress, The Leading Cause Of All Problems… Suzanne McMurray

Sunday, March 24th
11:00 AM Great Ways To Grow Your Own Food………………………………………………………..Jan Jenson
12:00 PM What The Ascended Masters Are Saying About Us Evolving………………………Darla Cody
1:00 PM Connecting Mu And Atlantis To The Essenes And Christians……….……..Dick Lowdermilk
2:00 PM An Introduction To The Emotion Code……………………………………………………….Pat McCain
3:00 PM The [Spiritual] Fire That Burns Bright………………………………………………….…Oma Lee Sims
4:00 PM What Are The Akashic Records?...........................................................Sharon Bridwell
5:00 PM Introduction To Past Life Regression........................................................…...Jan Posey

(S) Justin Blackburn (Sunday only) is an Intuitive Inner Healer who has the clairvoyance to see and feel the deep, profound beauty and infinite potential within everyone. He understands you are the person who is creating your life so he helps lighten the load and clears the things in the way keeping you from understanding your deep, profound beauty, your infinite potential. Justin graduated from both Healing I and Healing II from the Viradi Instuite as well as completing The Nine Rites Of Shamanic Passage from the Munay-Ki. Also Justin Blackburn is a oneness blessing giver. He now travels giving helpful workshops such as Learning To Love Yourself and Awakening To Your Endless Potential. Justin Blackburn loves you and appreciates your love. Learn more at

Page Bryant has been an intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher for 35 years. Fifteen of those years were spent in the media, having her own radio talk show in Florida, Arizona and California. Over the years she has authored 14 books, her latest being, The Second Coming Of The Star Gods (Hampton Roads Publishing). Page served for 20 years at Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel Gatherings. Page's popular book, The Spiritual Awakening Of The Great Smoky Mountains, has been a bestseller in the region and beyond. Page will be signing books at her booth. Page will be offering only four sessions of 30 minutes per day.

Ethel Crites channels information about purpose, life path, health issues, future and past lives. Featured on television and radio shows throughout the Eastern US, Ethel is an outstanding intuitive. In 1975, she began an intensive study in Parapsychology, Metaphysics & Intuition for the Poseidia Institute at Virginia Beach, VA. She has provided her services to major corporations and government agencies, including the Wash. D.C. Homicide Div & Missing Persons.

Scott Guynup, husband of Page Bryant, is a visionary artist and has been doing spirit art for 30 years. Scott's interpretative renderings of spirit guides and angels develop as he is conducting intuitive readings with his clients. You're going to love this: as Scott reads for you; he is doing a wonderful pastel spirit art of your guide or angel. $80 for Spirit Artwork and reading: 1 hour sessions only.

(S) Oma Lee Sims comes to us from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Oma is a renowned; spiritual healer, intuitive, empath, and clairvoyant. She has had her gifts since birth and utilizes them by helping others. As an intuitive she will see through your life’s problems and guide you with clear and honest direct answers so you can obtain success, love happiness, and peace of mind in a non judgmental atmosphere. Whether giving a reading face to face or phone consultation she is immediately connected to your feelings and emotions. She has over 25 years of experience in healing and teaching. Oma is a certified Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Life Coach, and Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T.) Practitioner. She also does chakra balancing, aura cleansing, crystal therapy, guided imagery meditation, and makes organic natural remedies

Classes are also available! Contact:(973) 720 1609 (864) 684 4199

Jessica Peach is an internationally acclaimed psychic/healer with over 30 years of experience and is originally from London, England. While living there, she studied with several British psychics. This gifted seer really enjoys helping her clients find direction and looking at things from another perspective in order to make the best decisions. She has a thriving international clientele and does readings both in person and on the phone. She is also a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master and has her practice in Charlotte, NC. Check websites: and

Jan Petrie (Jan Petrie-Kolleda) As one of our gifted intuitive readers Jan's lively, exuberant spirit has made her a favorite at our festival. Jan also travels throughout the nation as a lecturer and spiritual workshop instructor and intuitive. Her keen insight has provided many with thorough information in their pursuit of self-awareness.

(S) Joy Walker grew up in Belfast, N.Ireland and now resides with her husband Frank and their six children in Jonesville, S.C. This Irish background has given Joy her strong Celtic roots coupled with the influence of her great grandmother, an old Celtic Shaman who was well known for her psychic abilities. . Joy did not realize until years later that she too could read intuitively. Working with Rune stones, which she finds very natural to interpret, Joy appreciates the opportunity and privilege of teaching, sharing, educating and helping those who come for learning, insight and confirmation as they journey this life.

A Class Act! brings the Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness to you five times a year, twice in Greenville, SC, and Columbia, SC and once in Charleston, SC. At A Class Act!, you will find natural healing products and natural healing therapies done by caring practitioners. Along with a variety of spiritual and metaphysical products and services, we also offer Biofeedback therapy, Amethyst Bio-mat therapy, books, crystal singing bowls, EMF radiation protection and other treasures. Contact: (864)233-3033,

(S) A Rising Healing, LLC Kim Rising has a background in both traditional and alternative healthcare. She began her career as a Registered Nurse in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after earning her Bachelors degree and obtained a Masters of Science degree in Psychology in 2008. When her youngest child was born with Charge Syndrome and later diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Kim began to understand the effectiveness and importance of alternative health modalities. She studied two different styles of energy work with Lakota and Cherokee elders and is currently studying the healing modality of Navajo sand painting. Her belief system is a direct result of her personal relationship with the God of her understanding and influenced by her childhood, the study of Eastern spirituality, and knowledge of Native American spiritual beliefs. Kim has a blog: and a website: She offers spiritual counseling, nutritional guidance, and energy work at her office and periodically conducts retreats. Kim is also available for speaking engagements.

Aura Photography: Laura Kaye is an intuitive reader, aura photographer and ordained Minister. For the last 15 years, she has worked with over 10,000 people while traveling domestically and internationally. Her readings help you to understand yourself better by seeing how you are using your life force energy from your chakras in a colored photo. In addition to an explanation of what your aura reveals, each reading includes a high-quality photo and brief computer generated printout that provides a general description of the use of your colors.
Avalon Light Effect: Jean Squires will be doing therapy with the Avalon Light Effect system. A few of the benefits of this pleasant, noninvasive therapy are increased circulation, blood flow and range of motion…promotes cell regeneration…speeds healing…relieves pain in nerves…increases nitric oxide creating feel good effect…stimulates collagen…reduces pain, inflammation and swelling…and much more.

Reiki Master Phyllis Mitchell Benefield has been a Reiki practitioner for 5 years. She is the Director of the Reiki Healing Circle program at the Little John Community Center in Clemson, SC, which meets each month. She will be offering Reiki/psychic/energy healing sessions. If you are interested in Reiki classes or energy/psychic healing, contact Phyllis at
Blue Lotus Water Activators, brought to you by Michael Brown and (S) Jan Jenson, offers one of the most affordable, efficient water activator systems on the market. Whether you are looking for a portable unit or one for your entire home, Blue Lotus offers a solution. If you’re serious about the quality of the water you are drinking or using for baths, these folks can answer all your questions.

Sharon Bridwell is offering intuitive healing energy-work sessions with crystal layouts. She is an ordained Minister and Certified Chios Master Teacher. She has been in the ministry for over 35 years and has been lecturing, teaching and healing in sessions with clients both nationally and internationally. For more about her work in Greenville visit

Brian L. Burghardt is an extraordinary Energy Healer visiting us from western Michigan. Brian has an amazing capacity for recognizing and removing negative energies. His healing sessions are very powerful. Stop by Brian's booth to schedule a session.

(S) Carol Calvert: The Bliss Effect~ The Light Effect for Body, Mind & Spirit Come experience the light lifestyle and hear Carol Calvert from Lighting Up Charlotte & The Avalon Effect as she shares how the body, mind and spirit know how to use intelligent light to shift us back into the light body and all the wonderful manifestations that come with this experience! Carol L. Calvert 704-241-6103 fax 866-742-1224 Growing the Community and Getting the Community Into the Light... One Gym Bag at a Time! Carol Calvert (Saturday) As a former educator and advocate for Attention Deficit Disorder children and adults, Carol has spent much time in the last 25 years gathering together energy modalities to bring her to the Avalon Effect Light Therapy and SCIO. Carol is a licensed Spiritual Health Coach, is a Reiki Master and has spent time in Kyoto, Japan with Reiki emphasis, is certified In Emotional Freedom Technique as a practitioner, is trained and certified on the German Bioenergy device, the ONDAMED, and practices among other energy modalities, Ho’oponopono, an Hawaiian healing technique.

Charming Bear Gifts, is owned and operated by Jim and Gary and has been in production for the last few years in Charleston, South Carolina. They have a unique boutique and emporium with a variety new line of clothing, crystals, jewelry and incense...they specialize in Celtic and pagan items. Stop on by and see can pretty much expect to see something different that you will want to have.

(S) Darla Cody presents -What In The World Is Going On---Earth Changes. Darla Cody began her spiritual journey in 1991, when she had a near death experience. This changed her life drastically and she began searching for spiritual truth and knowledge at sacred sites all over the world. She has studied many different religions and during her studies discovered a new path which led to spiritual revelations and her first contact with the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. Darla is the author of “Art of Living for Lightworkers in the Aquarian Age.” Her Earth Changes presentation ties in the Planetary Logos, the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and the consciously directed distribution of cosmic energies throughout all living things on the Earth and how these energies and changes are moving us forward into the Light.

(S) Catherine Craven is a former seeker of inner peace who has transformed from pupil to teacher due to her real-life experience and successes. She currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina and is writing her manuscript 222 Questions We Should All Ask Ourselves At Least Once.
Far and Beyond, owned by Barbara Castro, offers products from Africa. Barbara’s goal for the past five years has been to offer individuals the opportunity to use all-natural products (no chemicals) to help the body internally and externally. Products offered are 100% natural Shea butter, body creams with the main ingredient of shea butter, vitamins A, D, E, herbs with a scent of jasmine oil, gardenia oil, body wash with the main ingredients of black soap and herbs, Herbal Detox Tonic made from neem leaves. Stop by this booth to find out more on how Barbara can help you heal naturally.

(S) Dr. Jeanne Fowler DVM I am originally from West Columbia, SC. I have a degree in Zoology from Clemson University and a DVM from University of Georgia. I spent a short time at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia before I went to work as Attending Veterinarian and Research Assistant at Squibb Institute for Medical Research in New Brunswick NJ and later as Director of Lab Animal Medicine at Worldwide Headquarters in Princeton, NJ.

(S) Rev. Dr. Olympia Freeman is a board, certified Hypnotherapist, a natural clairvoyant, spiritual regressionist, and has a doctorate in Theology. Olympia uses past-life therapy as a part of her empowering work, SOUL LIGHT HEALING, to unmask and heal deep, seated emotional and karmic issues. Clients have referred to Olympia as a soul intuitive, energy healer, sage, and a "midwife" to the soul. Olympia is also a certified TRIOM instructor and healer, who teaches workshops on this practical method. In addition, she is an animal communicator. For more information visit, or call 828-226-0660. Olympia will speak on Forgiveness and its relevance to today and past lives. Freedom With Forgiveness

Chimene Green has been touching souls since she was nine years old and later realized that this was her path. She has studied at numerous institutes and with many wonderful teachers and healers from around the world. Chimene has developed ‘transformational therapy’ which includes Swedish/deep tissue/lymphatic massage, reflexology, reiki, energy medicine, toning, karuna ki, ear candling, chakra clearing, chi nei tsang and more. Enjoy a reflexology session or a chair massage!

J R Rocks: Josephine and Russ Underwood, Blythewood, SC Phone (803) 337-4082 Josephine has stones with cards of metaphysical knowledge and affirmations, gemstone pendants – necklaces – earrings and bracelets, animal totem and symbolic charms, ancient Chinese art of crystallized jade, wearable art for your home and body. Russ Underwood “the wire wrapper”: I “dress up rocks,” enhancing their natural beauty. Purchase my one of a kind wearable art gemstone pendants – bracelets – rings and earrings.
Love Yourself Beautiful: Katherine Kipps views the body as a vessel, which can allow us all to experience the blissful existence of awareness beyond the physical when we train it properly.

Through an integrative, holistic approach to healing that includes yogasana, breathing exercises, a variety of meditation techniques, aromatherapy conscious nutrition and energy movement, she offers treatments for mind, body and spirit that open the energetic channels to release the blocks and re-establish the natural flow of energy. The intended result is the release of years of stagnant energy creating space for a healthy relationship between mind, body and spirit that allows one to begin living at their fullest potential with abundant energy and confidence to manifest their dreams. Katherine received her 200-hour YA yoga certification as a yoga instructor specializing in yoga therapy through The Blooming Lotus school in Koh Phangan, Thailand. As a Reiki master practitioner, she also practices chakra balancing energy work and meditations and auric cleansing techniques.

(S) Dick Lowdermilk Dick has spent a lifetime searching and investigating mysteries and paranormal phenomena to find facts and documentation to support his questions. Do I have your attention yet? Be here or miss out on information! Dick's Bookshelf (His vendor booth) will have a great selection of books.

(S) Suzanne McMurray is a therapeutic Aroma therapist who makes personal care products, such as bath salts, hand lotions, foot lotions and aroma therapy blends from essential oils and other natural ingredients. A Reiki Master/Sensei, Susanne also does chakra balancing. She will be offering Reiki sessions plus a good selection of wonderful products, including an all natural, essential oils insect repellant. She is the founder of Suzanne.A.Vision Healing Arts, LLC Contact her at

Moonbeems, Inc.( with Kim Hageman) is dedicated to high quality spiritual arts and crafts. We will be offering Organic Handmade Soaps, Certified Organic Herbs, Antique Sari's, Handmade Smudging Fans, Abalone Shells, Kwan Yin Statues, Goddess Doll, Spiritual Altars, Smudging and Cleansing Sprays, Books and Framed Spiritual Fabric Prints.

(S) Nature’s Answers 4U: Pat McCain, RN, CECP, owner of Nature’s Answers 4u, combines Nikken, Inc.’s Five Pillars of Health philosophy with The Emotion Code—“the simplest, most direct & most effective healing method in Energy Psychology today.” She has more than 44 years of professional nursing, yet found that her knowledge didn’t address her own imbalances of limited mobility & chronic pain. She pursued natural modalities to begin balancing body, mind and spirit. She is passionate about educating other healthcare workers regarding Energy Medicine and is affiliated with Integrative Health Forum Global and The American Holistic Nurses Association. Pat is available for information sessions and personal or distance Emotion Code sessions. Phone 864.836.6085 or email:

Jane “StarWalker” …. Creative Visionary Artisan Original creations inspired by Spirit, designed and hand crafted by Jane ‘StarWalker’. Flowing Goddess Tops, Gemstone Necklaces, Ceremonial Wing Fans, Smudge Fans, Ceremonial Tobacco, Sage, Spirit Wands, Burden Baskets, Original Paintings, Signed Prints, Greeting Cards from her Original Art, Much to please the eye and the Spirit.
Walk in Joy was created in 2012 by James E Strozier, LMBT, with the intent to bring a client centered wellness approach to holistic healing through massage therapy and associated bodywork modalities.
Professionalism and commitment to the highest ethical standards are key to the client centered approach to holistic healing and wellness. A peaceful,compassionate, gentle intention will provide transformation of body, mind, and spirit at the client’s preferred pace. Therapeutic massage and energy techniques offered are as follows: Swedish, Neuromuscular, Polarity, Somatic Emotional Release, Aromatherapy, and Reiki. James also offers educational services such as bodywork seminars on history and benefits of massage, self care massage techniques, introductory concepts of energy healing, introductory aromatherapy, and current research trends. SC License # 8261 "The healthiest response to life is joy." -Deepak Chopra
ABMP Certified Member # 837207 864.421.4702

The Wind Institute of Healing & Meditative Arts, with Founder Nicole Dockins, RMT, NC. The Wind Institute is a local Traditional Japanese Reiki Center & Sanctuary offering: Private Sessions - Certified Training - Natural Health Care Products - Nutritional Consultation & Genetic Analysis - Unique Gifts - Community Out Reach Programs - and so much more. Founded by Nicole Dockins, Nicole has been providing Clinical Bio Energetic Therapies and Certified Training Programs for over 14 years and has practiced in both medical and mental health care facilities for over 7 years before opening her own private clinic. She is a Certified Reiki Instructor in both Western and Traditional Japanese theories and is also a Certified Nutraceuticals Consultant. Nicole will be offering: FREE Consultations, FREE Information, FREE Raffle, Our FULL Products Line of Natural Health & Beauty Care Products and Gift Certificates for Purchase, Enrollment Opportunities, Onsite Demonstrations and more. For more information about The Wind Institute and what we have to offer, please visit our website at:

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