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IMPORTANT UPDATE: All Shamanic Awakening meetup.com events are canceled for the time being. I need to put my focus on the two new online memberships I'm launching. Please maintain your membership, and I'll let you know if/when in-person events resume. :-)


I'm Benjamin Bernstein of AstroShaman.com (http://astroshaman.com/). In this Shamanic Awakening meetup, I'll be guiding you in simple, potent techniques for self-healing and spiritual awakening. I also use shamanic tools and techniques such as rattling, singing, flowing energy and playing various musical instruments to empower your experience.

• Doors open at 7 pm. the event begins at 7:15 pm. Please plan to arrive early or on time. No one will be admitted once the actual ceremony begins. If the porch light's on, you can come in. If it's off, you're too late -- but please try again another time!

• Suggested donation is $10-$25.

• You must be age 16 or older to participate, unless I grant you an exception.


Currently I'm hosting Shamanic Awakening ceremonies on the third Tuesday of each month. Always check the Shamanic Awakening meetup.com page before coming in case of changes or cancellations.

Common Effects

You may experience union with your Higher Self, and the integration of your light body and physical body. Movement into a profoundly peaceful state, free of thought and troubling emotions, is also very common. I'll teach you how you can reactivate this awakened state as needed. (For more on that, learn about my free Heal and Awaken Invocations (http://astroshaman.com/category/practical-spirituality/invocations/).)

Common Challenges

You may experience uncomfortable emotions, thoughts and/or physical sensations during this shamanic ceremony as your higher self clears energies that no longer serve you. But it'll be worth it! You'll feel more light, expansive and spiritually conscious after these challenging energies clear. The long-term reward of accelerated spiritual evolution is worth the short-term discomfort!

Helpful Hints

• Although the format and invocations of each meetup are similar, those who come regularly find that their inner experience is always unique and rewarding.

• Please don't eat too heavily before attending, so that your energy is fully available for these spiritual processes.

• Cat Allergies? Two friendly cats may be present, and they may curl up in your lap. If you have an extreme cat allergy, you shouldn't come.

I hope you can join us!

Infinite blessings,

Benjamin Bernstein

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