Shamanic Journey to Find Your Power Animal and Breathwork

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Find Your Power Animal through a Shamanic Journey which is an intentional prayer used for spiritual growth, personal guidance, healing, and a higher perspective.

Our souls are multi-dimensional. The Shamanic Journey is a modality that has been used consciously for thousands of years. In the journey, you can experience life from a soul level with the assistance of guides that may be angelic, animals, plants, etc.

As we allow our souls to travel and enter into a different dimension, we are able to have clarity and vision that is often difficult to attain when fully embodied. There is no need for additional substances to attain this powerful skill, in fact it is more empowering to know you are capable by setting intention and feeling safe to travel.

Many of the skills we will cover in this workshop are: how to set clear intentions; a safe place to enter into multi-dimensionality; meeting a guide/power animal; putting the mind on pause; expanding and testing your skills.

We will then deepen our exploration through Shamanic Breathwork using breath, music, movement and art.

Register soon as there are limited spots.

Ticket cost is $85. Pay via Venmo @ Eva-Nelson-2 or get your ticket at:

If this is calling to you but you feel unable to attend due to the costs, please message me and we will figure something out as we would love to have you there!
For the event, please wear comfortable clothing, bring water, snacks and a sack lunch AND bring a pillow, blanket, scarf or eye mask to put over your eyes and (optional) an alter items or sacred object for your journey.
About the Facilitators:
Pam Savory is a Usui/Shamanic/Holy Fire Reiki Master, Master Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Trainer of 18 years, Co-Founder of Freedom Rising Spiritual Community, Workshop Facilitator and multi-state business owner. I love providing a safe and transformative space for all walks of life to go deep and find the gold within. Healing the world is each person showing up and healing themselves. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a best friend and a sister to my many sistars.

Eva Nelson is a Healer and Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. She pulls from her life experience, abilities as a natural healer and extensive professional training to provide transformational healing support and services. Her work is geared toward cultivating authenticity, finding your truth, embodying your purpose, loving yourself and living the life that you want to live. She does this by supporting the whole person in feeling safe and empowered to do the deep work of recovering self, stepping into your power and healing your life.