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Healing Circles with Shaman Elka Boren
In a Healing Circle with Shaman Elka Boren, a powerful healing vortex is opened and participants experience transformative energy first hand. Participants receive personal healings as Elka channels divine energy. People often feel the presence of light beings and receive personal messages from spirit guides, masters, angels and loved ones. Each Circle is a unique and very dynamic healing experience to awaken inner gifts, clear energetic blocks, shift into higher energy frequencies, and connect with intuition & wisdom.

Elka was born in Panama 45 years ago and as a young girl, she exhibited rare intuitive and healing abilities. For years she kept these gifts to herself, sharing them only with her grandmother and a few local friends. Able to determine events before they happened and illnesses before they became apparent, Elka developed her talents over the past 20 years, finally studying with a gifted Mexican Shaman teacher who taught her to heal the body at the cellular level – using subtle energy grids that remove imbalances, blocks and genetic memories from the body before they develop into serious and chronic health conditions.

“During the first session I go into your body on a subtle level where I remove things that don’t have to be there, so a higher and healthier energy is able to come in. The first step is removing these blocks in the physical and emotional bodies. Later we move to other levels as you process emotions. Once these blockages come out, you feel lighter and healthier.” Elka explains about her work. Ongoing treatment brings even deeper results. “God is the healer; I am merely the instrument.”

It’s hard to imagine this petite woman rearranging a person’s life in such dramatic ways. Yet thousands of people have experienced striking improvement first-hand following her private sessions in America and Europe. It is extremely rare to find a healer with Elka’s range of talents. Who knows? Seeing Elka may move you out of the rut you’ve been in for the past few months…or years…when nothing else has!

Many have taken advantage of her work and experienced life-changing jobs, relationships and happiness. “Elka was like a hurricane, like a strong wind who amazed me with her power, honesty and down-to-earth state of being and care. She helped me drop an old and too familiar part of myself that no longer benefited me so I could move into a whole new career. It happened effortlessly.” Ms. D. from Israel explains. “When I first saw Elka,” says Parenting Educator, Cindy Ray-Huber from New Orleans, LA, “I felt a tremendous release of pain and emotion from my body. I was able to stop taking my arthritis medicine and have been pain-free since I last saw her.”

“This technique helps people release cellular memories, often the cause of illness in the body and emotional childhood traumas,” Elka says the day we spoke in her office. Looking into her darting black eyes that radiate a certainty, as well as deep compassion and knowledge, taking a chance on enriching your life simply may be the smartest thing you’ve ever done!

Elka Boren is being hosted in this area by the Kaakinii Alternative Health Group who are dedicated to bringing alternative health workers to the Catskill area in upstate New York.

Please click on the link to her schedule page to see if she will be in a city near you. Elka's schedule:


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