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Monthly- -New Moon or Full Moon Spiritual wisdom and shamanic journeys to honor the universal message of the New Moon or Full moon and how it correlate with the current self. Awakening the Shadows and the lights within, Transforming to the Positive Light and Love of the true desired self.. . . Transversing into the Non Ordinary worlds of Spiritual Enlightenment to understand more of YOU Release and Manifest based from Ancient Shamanic Practices of Journey for the wisdom of the self. This is an enlightening experience into the Shadows and lights of self within a sacred/loving and Safe group setting. WE Will delve each month into the evolution of Self and Spirituality as it was celebrated by Ancient Indigenous Shamans. Let's grow together in our spiritual community and Psycho-Spiritual inner awareness. Evolving the Soul to better emotional wellbeing. Experiencing The Shaman's Way of Being can highly enhance the quality of your life, Family life, Community life. As well as brining a better understanding of Mother Earth, Father Sky, the 7 directions and how you are connected Winter Meets indoors. LILY'S SHAMANIC WELLNESS OASIS GRASS VALLEY, CA. Summer meets outdoors around the pool. Please Wear Loose comfortable Clothing. Bring any rattles or drums if you wish ( Not Necessary) This is an Individual Shamanic healing Experience $20 ~ SUGGESTED DONATION. MINIMUM OF 4 ATTENDEES - PLEASE FORWARD TO A FRIEND....! (Work trade possibly available)

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All Can Transform to higher awareness of Your Unique Soul Destiny. Find or Enhance your Hidden creativity. Find your Soul Purpose of service to self and others within this lifetime.

Shamanic drum Journeys to ascending masters, Archangels, Higher Intuitive self, Animal Helping Spirit Guides. and much more.. Guided Past Life Regression therapy is a fun way to explore yourself.

Fun & Informative On All Levels! Giving you Awareness and Guidance of your soul Destiny.

1. Monthly Shamanic Journey Group. Shamanic Drum Journeys. I will guide You into your own Individual Intention for your needs in healing awareness & Experience. As Well as, Fun Group Intentions of awareness & learning. Creative, Culture Circle dancing & Learn to Call the 7 directions.

2. Monthly Past Life Regression Group. Learn and Explore Past Lives. . Past life exploration can bring healing, understanding and resolution to current life issues, Phobias, Relationship difficulties,physical conditions, questions of life purpose and direct experiences that we use in creating our realities. This is a guided hypnotherapy session allowing the theta mind state to access past lives through the senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling or tasting past experiences within the soul. ...

3. Chakra Clearing and Balancing. In this group you will learn about the 7 chakra's of the body. The colors, The holdings , The awarenesses of creativity and well being. You will learn Chakra meditations to awaken and illuminate each and every Chakra. ...

4. New Moon or Full Moon drum ceremony. In a New Moon Ceremony you will be guided to new manifestation of what best serves you in your life. In Full Moon Ceremony you will be guided to release what no longer serves you within this life. Here and Now

I have 18 Constant Years of Study and Training in this Life with Native and Peruvian Shamanism, Spiritual hypnotherapy, Buddhist mindful meditations & Yoga study. Fine Arts, Water therapy , Massage Therapy, Polarity Energy , Psychic Protection, Chakra Balancing. And a Lifetime of Nature & Animal telepathy. My Study includes Ancient Hawaiian Healing Secrets~ Native Northern American Healing Medicine~ South American Peruvian Shamanic medicine & Experience in Amazonian Plant Medicine.(Ayahuasca). I do not teach or administer Ayahuasca. I have experienced it's amazing healing qualities while in the Amazon. I am often guided by my ascending master, The Great Shaman of Ancient Siberian Shamanism & The ascending masters of Ancient Greek Mythology~ God's whom Seek Truth, Love & Goodness. .

I have Advanced Training in Shamanic & Hypnotherapy Spirit Releasement ~ Soul Retrieval and Past Life Regression Therapy. As well as Regression Therapy for this lifetime. I am also an Ordained Minister.

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