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In this group you will gain a greater understanding of what is : True Indigenous Shamanism & What is Shamanic Healing. ...
How do I heal myself, others and Assist to bring the next generations and the world to Deep Emotional Wellness. Finding Clarity, Balance, Love, Joy and purpose for the Golden Architect of the true whole Self. Mind Body Heart and Soul.
This is not a misleading cover up the surface fufu type healing. This is an experience into the deep truth of the super subconscious of the memory of the self. In a gentle format of awareness and understanding for the truth heals.

I will facilitate an “ occasional” Past Life Regression Group for those whom are ready . You will Explore a Past life enabling a greater understanding and resolution to current life issues, Phobias, Relationship difficulties,physical conditions, questions of life purpose and direct experiences that you Question.

Join in Either SNew Moon or Full Moon ceremony. In a New Moon Ceremony you will be guided to new inner awareness of soul manifestation. Seeing what best serves you in your life at this time
In Full Moon Ceremony you will be guided to release what no longer serves you within your life path at this exact moment. The Here and Now.

I have 30 persistent Years of Study and Training in this Lifetime with Native, Hawaiian, Japanese and Peruvian Quero Shamanism, Spiritual - Alchemy hypnotherapy, Buddhist mindful meditations & Yoga study. Fine Arts, Water therapy , Massage Therapy, Polarity Energy , Psychic Protection, Chakra Cleansing and Balancing. As well a Lifetime of Nature, elemental & Animal telepathy.
My Deep Emotional Soul and Universal Navigations come with great experience, depth, accuracy, truth and love. I am guided by The Great Source, The 7 directions as well, my ascending master, The Great Shaman of Ancient Siberian & The ascending masters of Ancient Greek Mythology~ God's whom Seek Truth, Love & Goodness. .

I have Advanced Training in Spiritual Intrutions, attachments and Releasing them
~ I am a master Soul Retrieval artist and Past Life Regression Navigator. As well as Regression Therapist for inner child and family wellness. I am also an Ordained Minister.

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AWAKEN TO A HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS OF UNDERSTANDING WE ARE ALL ENERGY. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. WORKING IN THE HEALING MODALITIES OF LOVE ~ COMPASSION ~ ACCEPTANCE ~ APPRECIATION AND FORGIVENESS Various Shaman's weekend workshops to begin this summer. ... Apprenticeship weekend courses which can enable you to understand how to become a Shamanic Wellness practitioner. I am currently finishing the final touches here at Pantheion Shamanic Wellness Oasis... These workshops will be hands On. In Person. In temple and include mountain and river outings for various workshop criteria. Come awaken, understand and heal in the Ancient Shamans Way. Learn how to understand and release deep from within. Healing forever more generational family patterns, limited beliefs, This Life and Past Life Trauma's, Spirit Releasment, Soul Retrieval, Gain back your Empowerment. Be All that You can Be. Deep Soul Healings are practiced by the Wise and Enlightened ancient spirit teachers of which our Creator and Mother Earth has chosen to heal in the name of Love ~ Compassion~ Acceptance~ Appreciation and Forgiveness.. Learn how to achieve for yourself, deep emotional freedom forever more... and For All The Generations To Come. Your children's, children and their children. Join ~ "The Ancient One's ~ Of The Future" ~ Emotional Body~ Mind~ Soul and Spirit Freedom...!!

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