Shamanic Journey and Astral Travel

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Every week on Sunday until July 20, 2019

Price: $25.00

10 wait st

10 wait st · Boston, ma

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Ring #104

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We are located on 10 wait st. You can take the Green-line to Brigham Circle T stop.
Bring an item of power that calls to you to put on the altar for the duration of the ceremony.

The techniques and methods employed are derived from the Ancient Toltecs whom existed prior to the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incan civilizations. The ceremony and methods will draw power from the 9 elements, cultivation of the wisdom body or higher self, and reaching the 7th Astral Plane.

These methods are powerful in their potential to heal, but can be easily misused and abused. The price is set to deter those who are not sincere and dedicated in their efforts and encourage those who wish to truly advance their knowledge and wisdom.

Note that this ceremony will cause changes to the epigenetic structure of the cells in the hippocampus and pineal body, which can help to regulate sleep, boost memory, and increase cognitive performance as well as imagination and creativity.

The hippocampus is important for spatial orientation and visualization. The techniques and methods used by the Ancient shamans help increase neurogenesis in this area, and the accompanying regeneration endowed the practitioner with strong visual-spatial acuity (a third eye sight), which has been noted in the Yogic traditions as opening "Ajna" chakra.

The Pineal Gland regulates circadian rhythms in concert with the cycles of the rise and fall of the sun; melanin in the skin (similar to melatonin) absorbs the sun and thus charges the pineal gland with information encoded within the sun rays. Upon darkness, pinealocytes just behind the posterior thalamus are simulated to release serotonin, melatonin and Di-methyl-tryptamine.

Thus it may be seen that this ceremony will help one produce endogenous (natural) DMT from the brain. DMT can also be taken exogenously (smoked or drank) to produce sensations of an out of body experience into extra dimensional realities, however the techniques used by these shaman produce this DMT naturally to help regulate mood sleep, memory, and aesthetic perception. DMT is the only crystal secreted by the brain, which when paired to the piezoelectric properties of the pineal gland, pass light through it, explaining one scientific mechanism to how we "see" with our minds eye. The pineal gland is equipped with rods and cones (similar to normal eye retinal tissue), to perceive this "inner light" within the brain. Thus by increasing natural DMT production, one can transcend physical existence, disease, and begin upgrading ones own epigenetic signature.