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Shamanic Journey Circle - Integrating Your Ceremony
An essential part of any ceremonial experience is the process of integration: the disciplined and conscious act of bringing the insights and healings from your experience into your “normal” life. Whatever avenue takes you into those peak experiences - whether it be plant medicine, reiki, breath work, meditation, or even a particularly powerful dream - it is only the beginning of the process, and there is much more to work with once the ceremony is over. What helps us make the most out of what we experience IN the medicine is what we do with it OUT of the medicine. In this workshop we will use shamanic journeying techniques to revisit, reexamine, and resume the work that was started in ceremony. The shamanic journey is well suited to provide the opportunity to go back into visions and encounters you experienced from a safe, grounded space, and further integrate it into your life We can use this technique to address a challenging or confusing experience from a more centered and secure place, pick up where we left off in an experience that feels incomplete or unfinished, or return to an experience that left us feeling empowered and aligned to harness and embody it even more fully. All of it done within the protection of a safe container and support of like-minded journeyers. No matter what kind of ceremony you’ve experienced, there is even more wisdom and healing waiting in it for you than what you’ve already realized. _____________________________________ No previous experience with shamanic journeying is required, all are welcome. Please bring notebook, water, and whatever you use to meditate comfortably (mat, backjack, eyeshade, etc…) Exchange for this event is $20 Art: "Resurfacing", Michael Divine

Center for Divine Awakening

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The intention of this group is to provide shamanic practitioners of all levels and experience, of all backgrounds and lineages, a place to gather, to share, to collaborate, and to grow. Together.

This group can serve as a nexus for practitioners to organize and promote journey circles, workshops, ceremonies and other related events all across the valley and beyond. Here we are all both teachers and students; everyone has something to share, everyone has something to learn. If you have been journeying for years and enjoy a rich practice or are completely new to Shamanism and would like to learn more - you are warmly welcomed.

Let us allow this to be a safe space for all to gather and strengthen their connection to Spirit.

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