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Shamanic Journey Circle for Experienced Journeyers
This Circle is open to journeyers with experience in Upper and Lower World Journeying, using the drum as the vehicle, and who have met their Power Animal and / or Spirit Teacher. In this Shamanic Journey Circle we will access the tremendous support and insight available to us in the Worlds of Spirit as we journey into non-ordinary reality, to work with our Compassionate Helping Spirits for personal exploration, spiritual guidance, and community. This Circle works with the sonic driven journey approach of Core Shamanism, as taught by Michael Harner, or by Sandra Ingerman. Our approach is to honor the ability of the individual to find guidance and aid through accessing their Compassionate Helping Spirits. Prerequisite: Experience with successful Upper and Lower World Journeying, and established relationships with a Power Animal and / or Teacher. Donation: $10 - $25 New participants, do you have experience with Upper and Lower World journeying, and with your Power Animal and/or Teacher? Please send me a message to let me know: [masked]. Please email me directly outside of meetup for Circle specifics and directions. May the journey begin!

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What we're about

We hold events for all levels of journeyers and shamanic practitioners, and offer beginning through advanced coursework in shamanic journeying and shamanic healing modalities, as well as Sandra Ingerman's potent work: "Medicine for the Earth". Teachings from the Celtic ways are included in the perspectives of this group.

Gail's lifelong focus has been on both the practical nature and the mystical nature of experience, a focus that is reflected in her work. Gail's offerings provide each individual with an opportunity for deep exploration of their own nature, and the sovereignty and beauty that lives within. She encourages the cultivation of the individual's own internal navigation systems, and the blazing of their own path, in order to leave behind the limitations of the pervasive structures of our times.

All coursework through this group is led by Gail Gulick. Gail has been trained and authorized by Sandra Ingerman as a teacher of shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, shamanic extraction, psychopomp, and other shamanic healing techniques, as well as having received extensive training in Celtic Shamanism, and a lifelong experience in nurturing the innate wisdom and sovereignty of all.

Through shamanic journey circles, trainings, individual work, and community, we work together to refine our own internal compasses and nurture a strong sense of visceral alignment with the Self so that we may bring our own deepest natures to full fruition in all the worlds. We use shamanic practices to help cleanse belief system and conditioning that inhibit the expression of our fullest potential in our lives, and to align with the spirits of the natural world, to cultivate relationships that are respectful and nourishing to all living things.

As a group, we are dedicated to nurturing the sovereignty of spirit and innate wisdom inherent in all beings. We come together to explore and develop our own innate gifts and abilities, and to learn how we may further share these gifts to bring conscious and intentional discovery into the process of working with the pressing issues of our times.

If you are a beginner, we invite you to join us for our monthly Intro to Shamanic Journeying Circles led by Gail Gulick in Asheville. If you are an experienced journeyer who would like to join in community Journey Circles, we have weekly Circles for experienced journeyers.

If you RSVP for a meetup, please be sure to send an email to to receive directions and circle specifics.

We welcome you in Sharing the Journey!
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