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How to create a ceremonial offering to feed the forces of nature (Despacho)

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Creating a Despacho is an earth honoring tradition that comes from the Andean Region of Peru and Bolivia. It is an ancient ceremonial offering to the Earth, the mountain spirits and all the unseen beings that help guide us through the maze of life.

A Despacho is composed of items called Recados, that are infused with prayers, then ceremonially arranged in a beautiful pattern on a large piece of paper. The mandala like creation is folded into a bundle and ritually offered to the fire or to the earth. This Despacho will be built to honor the New Moon of March. It is our way of acknowledging and saying thank you to our Earth Mother, the Moon, the Sun and all the forces of nature for sustaining life and the beauty therein, that is a process of earth regeneration and sacred reciprocity (ayni) to Nature, for all that we receive.

Items to build a despacho will be provided but you can bring personal items if you wish (these will not be returned): animal products (fur, teeth, fat etc): plant products: Mineral products (sand, small crystals etc); a poem and or something else, hand made: a shell or something else that represents the oceans etc. Lets get imaginative and create something of beauty that feeds your soul and the Earth.

In this meetup, Shamanic healer, Patchakuti Mesa Carrier and Ceremonial Leader Alan Waugh will teach you the fundamentals of setting up a Despacho and rituals to honor your true potential as a healer of yourself and the planet. See his web site

$10 is requested to pay for materials and space rental