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Unlock your innate healing potential with ancient Peruvian and modern energy healing techniques. Each of us can immediately benefit from and learn to use these effective tools for engaging natural energies, forces, vibrations and beings to assist us in healing ourselves, others and even our planet. Judy Hoaglund, MS and Patricia Everitt, CMT skillfully incorporate Peruvian shamanic techniques, sound healing, Reiki, depth hypnosis, meditation and ritual to guide each person to choose their own level of well-being. Using time tested techniques such as shamanic and sound journeys, breath work, universal life force energies, visualization, energy clearing and balancing, divination and the setting of sacred space, you will be able to develop, practice and improve your own healing capacities. Step into your knowing of who you are and why you are here, as your self-empowerment expands. At the same time, we will enjoy building community with like-minded, spiritually oriented people who can support one another in being of service to all our relations on our beloved Mother Earth.

Judy Hoaglund, MS is a senior instructor of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and Peruvian shamanism, teaching workshops around the country. She has been a shamanic practitioner since 1990, working with both groups and individuals. She guides shamanic breathwork, is a ceremonialist, Reiki Master and spiritual counselor. She lives in west Sonoma County. For more information on Judy see http://www.ShamanicAlchemy.net. (http://www.ShamanicAlchemy.net)

Patricia Everitt is a Sound Healing Ceremonialist, Reiki Master, CMT and teacher of Peruvian cosmology based on the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. She teaches workshops on sound, transformation and shamanism for personal and planetary evolution. Patricia leads both groups and individuals in sacred sound journeys, combining many modalities, for assisting healing and opening to higher consciousness. She has been in the healing arts field for over 20 years. For more info http://www.alchemicalsounds.net/

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THURSDAY 11/14: Biofield Tuning w/ Angela Heney

Lomitas Schoolhouse

November 14 ~ Biofield Tuning @ Lomitas Center With Angela Heney Join Angela for an illuminating and experiential presentation of Biofield Tuning, a ground-breaking Sound Therapy method that works with the underlying patterns and flows within the electro-magnetic system in and around the body. Developed by Eileen Day McKusick, a recognized leader in the pioneering field of electric health, and with over 23 years of clinical use, Biofield Tuning has been observed to be a non-invasive, efficient and effective way of addressing physical, mental, emotional, relational and ancestral issues. Sound from tuning forks clears static and noise in the biofield, which can present as pain, anxiety, fatigue, PTSD and other ailments. Long held dysfunction is tuned into harmony, order and usable energy. Most people report that they feel lighter and uplifted after a session, with noticeable changes in the body, emotions and/or behavior as the tuning integrates. Angela was trained and certified by Eileen McKusick, and has been tuning people for over two years. She will demonstrate the method and conduct a full hour-long Biofield Tuning session for the group. Biofield Tuning is not indicated if you are pregnant, having chemo/radiation treatment, or have a pacemaker. It is also not advised to have acupuncture the same day as Biofield Tuning. LOMITAS CENTER in Santa Rosa 2421 Lomitas Avenue 7:00pm - 9:00pm $11 - $33 sliding scale RSVP: [masked]

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