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Walking in Beauty - The Path of of the Shaman

This Meet Up gathers on the 1st Tuesday of every month to discuss, learn, and explore various topics of The Way of the Shaman and the wisdom. We will explore Shamanism for the first part of the time. In the second half of the meeting we will participate in transformational experiential exercises, healing and/or Shamanic Journey. This Monthly Group is perfect for those just beginning their Path or those who already Walk the Path for it is in our gathering and connection of a shared intent and experience that we can empower ourselves and others.

The Shaman operates at the level of spirit, the level of pure energy, working with the luminous energy field that surrounds and informs the body. In this Monthly Group we will learn how to operate at this level too and thus we will gain access to the matrix of the Universe of living energies and be able to weave for ourselves and others wonderful new worlds of our becoming. Each month we will seek to connect with our inner guidance to ask important personal questions, to ask for healing and help in our life and receive practical spiritual wisdom in return. Each month we will have a direct experience in learning the powerful tools that will take us through a process of personal development, empowerment, and healing.

The foundation and framework of the Monthly Group will the Mystery Teachings of the Inka Medicine Path and its' focus on the Four Cardinal Directions. This is a powerful compass and map that is easily translated into our everyday lives. However, any and all suggestions for topics and discussions are welcome.

Starting in January and ending in November we will travel through each direction along the path spending a month or so in the energy and processes of that medicine, along with other powerful ceremonies and rites such as Despachos and Sacred Fire Ceremony

The South - Sachamama the Serpent - The Way of the Hero & Healer

The West - Ontorongo the Jaguar - The Way of the Luminous Warrior

The North - Sirwa Quinti' Royal Hummingbird - The Way of the Sage & Seer

The East - Apuchin/Kuntar, Condor & Eagle - The Way of The Visionary


The alchemical dance and fusion of Shamanic Energies and Crystalline Frequencies is Heaven meeting Earth.

Come and learn. Come and receive.

What is the Crystalline Frequency?

The Crystalline frequency is the vibration of the full rainbow spectrum of quartz crystals. It holds within it the memory of unity consciousness.

What is Crystalline Consciousness?

Crystalline Consciousness is the vibration of the New Paradigm and only unconditional love vibrates there.

What is the Crystalline Consciousness Work?

The Crystalline Consciousness Work is a special healing that raises consciousness, upgrades our bodies to the vibration of the new paradigm, enhances our DNA and transforms our lives.

What to Bring:

Journal/Notebook - Consider one specifically for these studies for easy reference

Socks or slippers for your feet.

Energy/Anyi Exchange or Donation - $20.00 is appreciated in gratitude. Not required -- All are Welcome, no one will be turned away

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PLEASE NOTE: We need at least four confirmed RSVP's (to hold directional energies) at least 36 hours prior to the meet-up. Please commit wisely and with intention and be sure to check back in case the meet-up is cancelled.

Address will be sent to RSVPs the day before the event.

Feel free to call, text or email if you don't get or need directions.

Munay Sonqo,


Your Host and Facilitator:

Joy Brugh is a Women’s Transition Coach, Energetic Healer and an Initiated Shaman Mesa Carrier in both the Tawantinsuyu and Pachakuti Mesa Traditions. She specializes in transformation through life’s transitions by combining a unique method of modern life coaching and energetic healing modalities with ancient shamanic healing and wisdom.

A Certified Life Coach, Joy has been trained by Life Purpose Institute, as well as Winds of Change Association. In addition, she is educated in Hypnotherapy and Reiki, was previously a Dream Circle Facilitator with the Sisters of Honua. Her most profound experience was her pilgrimage to the Sacred Apu Ausungate and studying with the Q’uero Paqos in the Andes Mountains.

With over ten years of teaching, coaching and facilitating, along with thousands of hours of training, practical experience, plus her own personal experiences of deep healing and transformation, Joy holds you in a deeply safe and sacred place, getting you swiftly to the core place within where change is permanent and tangible.

For more information please visit Joy at