What we're about

This is a group for seekers, healers, seers, practitioners of all modalities, those wanting to learn, those seeking spiritual guidance, and all things occult and metaphysical.

This is a group for the curious. The ones who want to meet like minds, play, explore, gift and share, and expand. Those who are on "the journey" or just realizing they are being redirected in life to be on it. The journey of seeking, enlightenment, destruction, the shadows, healing, transformation, and empowerment. This is a group where a safe place will be provided for play, discussion, healing, learning, gifting and sharing, etc.

Topics that will be at play include but are not limited to: Shamanism, Reiki and other energy modalities, Plant & Animal Spirit Medicine, Plant & Animal Medicine (such as Kambo, Rapé, Sananga, etc.), Access Consciousness Bars, Astrology, Tarot/Oracle, Spirituality and the Occult, Inner Child/Shadow Work, Mediumship, Light Language/Codes, all things Metaphysical, Motivation, Transformation, Empowerment, and more.

As of right now, one night a month will be dedicated to Shamanic gifting and sharing by Mesa carrying Pampamesayok Shaman only. This may evolve, but as of right now only Mesa carrying Pampamesayok Shaman are invited to participate in this share. I will let you know when and if this changes. A meeting and Interview may be needed first for all new Shaman to check for energetic and practical alignment with the group.

Other events/meetups will be planned that include but are not limited to: Energy gifting & sharing with all practitioners AND those wanting to try something new, meditations, journeys, learning, sharing, playing and exploring, discussions, drumming and/or fire circles, classes and workshops, etc.

All of this will take place in a safe space to dive, discover, share, release and/or develop, and become empowered (which can lead to alignment and self-healing).

Some events will be by love donation, while some will be class/workshop/ceremony events that will have pricing shown.

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Leap Year Shamanic Ceremony

Sacred Spirit LLC


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