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If you are tired of everyday work and want to relax your body & let go of all accumulated stress and emotions of the past month, welcome to the new monthly 'Shambala Energy Spa' 🌙 - a place where you can balance your body, mind and spirit. Please, pre-register here:
👉 http://bit.ly/shambala-energy-spaoct27 👈

This 3-hour workshop will help you to work out the body blockages and stabilize the correct flow of energy through the practice of yoga, with the addition of energy healing reiki for balancing the cerebral hemispheres (logic and intuition), male and female energy and proper grounding. You will balance emotions with essential oils and aromatherapy; cleanse the mind, accumulated thoughts and other people's energies through the sound healing and guided meditation.

During this workshop you will experience:
• 1 hr of Vinyasa yoga;
• Reiki healing for proper balance & grounding;
• Aromatherapy with pure essential oils;
• Guided meditation for mental and emotional purification;
• Sound healing.

✨Give yourself time to cleanse and balance, in order to start a new season with new powers.✨

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