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About the TSLR Book Club
Curated and led by our good friend Megan Cattel, and in collaboration between The Shanghai Literary Review (, each month for 12 months we will be reading and hosting group discussions about one fiction or nonfiction book related to Shanghai or China at large. Once a month, we meet at cafes and bookstores at various points around the city to have a group discussion.

To learn more about the biannual literature & arts journal The Shanghai Literary Review, please visit .

Need help getting a copy of the book or want to join our WeChat group for more updates? Privately message Megan at megankcat on WeChat.

Interested in being a discussion leader? If so, privately message megankcat on WeChat to learn details and requirements to be considered.

Current Book List (subject to change**) :

· Border Town by Shen Congwen

· Remembering Shanghai by Claire Chao and Isabel Sun Chao

· Frontier by Can Xue

· Happy Dreams by Jia Pingwa

· Little Soldiers by Lenora Chu

· Gold Boy, Emerald Girl by Yiyun Li

· Wish Lanterns by Alec Ash

· The Family by Ba Jin

· Rickshaw Boy by Lao She

Previously Read Books:

· Good Girl of Chinatown by Jenevieve Chang

· Years of Red Dust by Qiu Xiaolong

· Street of Eternal Happiness by Rob Schmitz

. Night in Shanghai by Nicole Mones

· China in Ten Words by Yu Hua

· Little Reunions by Eileen Chang

· Factory Girls by Leslie Chang

Book Club FAQs:

“Do I have to finish the book to attend a book club meeting?”
Whether you finished reading the book or not, we will still welcome you with open arms! We encourage everyone to read the book of the month, but some people come to meetings without fully completing it.

We strongly encourage everyone to read at least some of the book when attending meetings.

“What do I need to bring to book club meetings?”

Bringing a copy of the book is helpful if you want to point out specific passages and quotes of course. Other than that, we ask for each member to bring up a question for discussion to share with the group :) don’t be shy!

Also, we usually ask everyone to buy something from the café we are meeting in for the evening.

“Where can I buy these books?”
Because of the high cost of English books in China, we encourage everyone to buy an e-copy online. You can send a WeChat PM to megankcat for details on this.

“Do I need to RSVP?”
Yes, for book club meetings please RSVP on our MeetUp page (click Read More below). This can help us better prepare for meetings and provide you the best literary experience possible.

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