What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in forex trading, investment, pattern detection, etc. All skill levels are welcome to join this free meetup. But before you attend, there are some requirements I hope you can make it happen:
1. All attendees already downloaded MT4 or MT5 app from app store or your own application store. (MT4,MT5 are widely used by many traders and we gonna use it during the meetup)
2. Created a demo account to login the MT4 app(we gonna discuss and do some trades together so you need to be ready to trade . Recommending register with Vantage FX, if you are not sure how to setup, message me on Wechat: Frank123456Wang (you can find all contacts and link at the bottom)

What we will do:
7:00 PM start---10 mins greeting with each other get to know about people around you.
And ask him/her the reason why he/ she is interested in this meetup? 7:10 PM--20 mins Everyone will talk about "How do you think about money? " 7:30-- 20 mins Everyone will talk about "How do you think of Investment? "

7:50-- 10 mins I will talk about "Why do traders/investors trade ?"

8:00-- 5 mins Everyone will " pick a pair of currency e.g. EURUSD decide to buy it or sell it on your MT4 app."

8:05-- 20mins Everyone will talk about" Why did you decide to buy/sell that currency? Give us Three Reasons. 8:25-- 10 mins Check your trading results, Share with us how much did you make in that 20 mins while we are chatting? 8:35-- Happy Hour, Social and Networking. Time: Thursday 27th.
7:00PM--9:00 PM (could be 9:30) Location: Near Jing'an Temple
Message me on Wechat for details. Contact:
Phone: 15033590650
Wechat: Frank123456Wang
Demo account registration link: https://myaccount.vantagefx.cn/tradingaccounts/registerdemo?i=ODI4MzUmNTAxNzI =
(Name, Email address, phone number for registration )

Call/message me just in case if you need help. I can speak Chinese and English.

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