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I'm currently learning Unity 3D and C# programming for game development, so with this group I'm not going to teach about it (because I'm a beginner myself), instead I'm aiming to find people who share the same interest.

I don't want to take us too seriously for now, but I want to treat this group more like a nice hobby where we can learn together, share ideas and eventually try to build a cool game in the long run. The important is to have fun!

Ultimately, this is also a group that would like to gather fans who loves video-games with a compelling story.

Please read carefully the information below before joining this group.


- You love survival horror video-games (such as Silent Hill (, Outlast (, Obscure (, SOMA (, Dead Space (, Haunting Ground (, Fatal Frame (, Rule of Rose (, Penumbra (, Call of Cthulhu (, etc.)

- You love mystery adventure games (such as Thief: The Dark Project (, Gabriel Knight (, Broken Sword (, Indigo Prophecy (, Syberia (, etc.)

I'm a big fan of horror and mystery game adventures, so I want to keep the scope of this group in line with the two genres listed above.


It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, a professional or you are totally new at this, as long as you are motivated and enthusiastic about the scope of this group you are more than welcome to join.

However, it's important that you have interest and would like to contribute in at least one of the following:

- ideas & concept
- story writing
- story-boarding
- game design
- gaming experience
- programming
- 3D modeling
- game tester
- sound effects


As mentioned at the beginning of this description, I'm learning Unity 3D ( ) which is free to use. So it would be great to meet people who have interest for development within Unity engine and other free resources such as:

- Storyboard Fountain ( )
- Twine (
- Blender ( )
- Mixamo ( )
- Audacity (
- AudioKinetic (

Looking forward to create something interesting together!


Meetup Organizer and founder

PS: Shanghai Horror Game Developers is my second Meetup group. I'm also the owner of Shanghai Horror Writers & Urban Explorers group. If interested you can check it out here:;

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