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I am a designer and it is about creating scale work and its business. It is a bit serious but all start with interests. If you are an engineer or designer, and you are also interested in the solution or products in space diving, either insides or outsides, you are welcomed to join us. We are start-ups but also life lovers, we like thinking and exploring, and your experience, your knowledge or your imagination will be valued. We start with chatting in lovely coffee shop. 发起人是一名设计师,对大型作品感兴趣,对创业感兴趣。这开头有少少的严肃,但其实我们是一个兴趣小组。如果你是工程师或者设计师,并且对空间隔断的工程和产品感兴趣(无论是室内的还是室外的),那就加入我们和我们一起探讨吧。我们喜欢思考生活喜欢探索,事情总要从开始开始。你的经验、你的知识和你的想象,都需要和别人赏识。最开始的活动就是喝喝茶聊聊天。

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