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[About Group]
'Shanghai International Friends' started in Mar, 2018. In order to spread Chinese culture to the world and encourage exchange between Chinese and Non-Chinese people, we organize various international events in Shanghai.

[Our Vision]
~To be the world's meeting HUB~
We aim to be ‘the world’s meeting HUB’ for all people who are interested in international exchange. We would like to create connections between people from all over the world.

1. International Exchange Events
We organize international exchange events to encourage exchange between Chinese and Non-Chinese people.
- Drink Meet-up
- Ladies Only Night
- 30s+ Night
- 20s+ Social Meetup
- Shanghai Walking Tours
- Cooking nights and more!

2. Language Exchange Events
We organize language exchange events to help participants joyfully and easily know other language and culture.
- Japanese Meetup
- English Only Meetup
- Chinese Meetup
- Korean Meetup

You must be at least 20 years old to you join our group.

We do not allow participation that has the sole intention of sales, business networking, religious soliciting etc., or anything which may disrupt the atmosphere of the event, or reduce anyone’s enjoyment of it.

Our group is not exclusive to people living in Shanghai, travellers are also welcome to join. We are looking forward to meeting you at our events! :-)

[Staff Wanted]
If you are interested in volunteering, please apply. Currently over 3 people support our community.

Past events (5)

Meet new friends and DIY at flower shop

Needs a location

English only and meet new friends at a flower shop

Flower‘s dating花约四季

How about meet new friends at a warm flower shop?

Flower‘s dating花约四季

Enjoy Afternoon tea and at SouthShanxi road

Cupple咖谱 cafe

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