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What we're about

Want to draw in code?
Want to learn the most popular creative programming software?
Want to know why designers, artists have picked up the book to learn programming?

10:00 - 13:00 (this Sunday)
Processing :Drawing the Code Workshop

This workshop will be divided into three parts:

The first part
Introduction to abstract painting style

Abstract painting is a general term used in the 20th century to refer to a style of painting that wants to break away from imitation of nature.
It includes many schools and forms derived from abstract ideas.
It is the most popular and characteristic art style in the 20th century.
Representatives: mondrian, kandinsky, malevich

The second part
Introduction to Processing basic syntax

Processing was originally created specifically for visual interaction and media art design.
It is a language developed for artists and designers
l will take you through this session
How to create custom graphics.........

The third part
The creation time

After mastering the basic language of Processing
Start creating with code!

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