What we're about

Bi-monthly topical event for people looking to improve their productivity, learn methods to form habits or just need some motivation to get going. For each meetup, we invite 2-3 speakers who have personally walked-the-talk to share their journeys on the tools, methods or techniques they've used. No hyperbole, just actionable steps to get started. After each talk, there will be Q&A and short practical exercises.

It's a free community event and if you are interested to speak about your experience in our events or able to offer a space for the meetup, send me a message.


我们将举办双月主题性的活动,目的是为了帮助每个人提高自己的工作效率,学习养成习惯的技巧,并激发动力。基于每次聚会,我们都会邀请2-3位演讲者来分享自己的经验,以及他们所推荐的有效工具、方法或技巧。参与者将能把自己所学到的提示应用在生活当中。除此之外,在每次演讲后,我们都会有一则问答会以及一项简短的练习, 让您立即运用所学到的知识。

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

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