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Nowadays the robot and AI approaches our daily life more and more closer and it has already been a "big bet" for not only many top-ranking companies worldwide but also the imperative strategy of China government. So...Why not join us to witness the trend and surf this wave ? Since robot development involves combination of multidisciplinary knowledge and skill set, its learning curve is a little bit steep to become proficient for a complete beginner. But don't worry, you can start from open source ROS(Robot Operating System). ROS has been the standard for robotics programming and becoming the essential skill for robotics development. Moreover, China and US have already been the largest two countries to learn and use ROS from the latest report of OSRF. This group aims to provide a platform for all the ROS fans to learn and share all kinds of topics regarding ROS and robotics, and hopefully all of us can grow together and then contribute to benefit more people who are interested in ROS and robotics. It's more for fun but not money and welcome to join us to extend it.


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