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I am living in Shanghai for a long time now and I am actually seeking for new experience thanks to you all .. I love meeting new people and enjoying the pleasure to see people enjoying Shanghai .. Shanghai is so beautiful and also so expensive so I am here to let you approach the free Shanghai but not the cheap places of this Metropole. It's such a pleasure to have you all on board and let's make this meet up group the most expensive thanks to you.. !!! let's create the vibes in here and let's attract all our meet up friends n all the group to here and organize and beautiful party!!

let's all talk together and appreciate the finest Shanghai in nice environment with my name and only that; PASCOU!!!

Contact me by wechat: pascou

see you all very soon ///
I AM NOT IN SHANGHAI AT THE MOMENT BUT U CAN DEFINITIVELY HANGOUT ALL U GUYS TOGETHER - just keep in touch with ppl in this group and have some fun around a dinner or drinks or whatever u feel like -:)

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YinYang festival ---20-22 of june -- GREAT WALL MUSIC FESTIVAL

Here u go guys click on this link, select the ticket u need and the quantity needed and select ur promoter name PASCOU and u will have the possibility to go to YinYang music festival from june 20 to june 22-- book it now as its on now and only now that u can dream linger about this awesome music festival --- climb the wall and cheers with the music --https://yoopay.cn/payment/payment/discoveryyinyang


hello guys, let me invite you to LOLA for free flow sparkling wine for LADIES until 1 am - free entrance for everyone and 2 ticket drinks at the entrance with the password: PASCOU Discovery- arrive between 10:30 pm and 01:30 am and enjoy Michelle Grant music - come to see me - wechat: pascou

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