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Shanghai International Basketball League is organized by Active Sports Active Social (ASAS). The objective of ASAS is to promote and conduct a positive leisure time activity, which encourages fitness, healthy competition and an atmosphere conducive for fun and fellowship.

Shanghai International Basketball League (SIBL) was established in 2003. The league offers fully equipped indoor gymnasium with good locations, certified referees, jerseys, team and player game stats, game videos, sponsor bar and plenty of other excitements. The league has two divisions, division A is more competitive while division B is more recreational. There are three seasons every year, each season is about 2-3 months. Games are on the weekend afternoon and night at three different venues. Team fee is usually around RMB 5-6k for 7-9 games.

The League accept team and individual registration.

Website: http://www.asas.com.cn/leagues

Email: services@asas.com.cn

Wechat: ASAS_Wechat

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