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This is a workshop for women who howl at the moon.

She who howls at the moon believes in listening to the yearning of her own desires. She knows that the very act of ignoring her desires means that something is wrong, imbalanced. Not right.
She who howls at the moon makes herself available her whole life to make it right. To be in alignment with her desires. To speak as if she was that very desire.
She who howls at the Moon is as relentless as a wolf who has not eaten all winter long. She stops nothing until she has tasted the sweet deliciousness of naming, surrendering to and then receiving her desires.
She who howls at the Moon senses on the very deepest level of her existence that the twinkle of the stars are the pride and excitement of the Great Mother in the Sky. And every now and then she feels worthy of this admiration. But she knows the Great Mother wants her to receive this every day.
She who howls at the Moon knows that in the shadows of the night are where the keys to unlocking what her fears, resistances or blocks for accepting this love are. Her process flows with the phases of the Moon. Having its full phase allow for the most excavation and discovery until it completely goes back to black. The new Moon. And so the cycle begins anew.
She who howls at the Moon stops having more desires is met with an inner critic. She welcomes all the emotions that come along with this process knowing that each one is as important as every color in a rainbow.
She plans. She strategizes, does Pu$$y Magic, Pu$$y breathing, journals, sweats...anything. After all, this is HER life.
She who howls at the Moon does this howling, in challenge, in excitement, in fear…in Sisterhood.
If you are feeling called to live in this process and in sisterhood join me for a one day workshop for a sneak peek at all of the magical tools we use to live in alignment with our desires. Price is $97.00

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