What we're about

Embrace your brilliance. Expand your power. Embody your core femininity.

More and more women are called into leadership roles through building their own business, rising in corporations, fighting for ideals and supporting the growth of their families with love as a parent and a partner.

This calls for strength and wisdom to stay resilient and focused in the midst of challenges: when losing faith in ourselves, self-sabotaging, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, lack of direction or loneliness, just to name a few.

Who is SheGlows for?
SheGlows is a support group for ambitious and highly motivated women who'd like to become their full radiant self so that they can lead with faith and wisdom in any area of life.

Why should you join?
Over the months we will be exploring different ways to understand ourselves, our motives to have power over our lives. We will learn how to be in touch with our inner knowingness and our feminine essence while living our soul's purpose with more balance.

Why are we meeting?
We will be using the power of a sister circle to support, inspire and empower each other: to hold the space for healing and to share the joy of happy times and gratitude.

Our topics will cover inspirational and explorational areas from mind-repatterning coaching, through inner explorations, rituals, to creative expression, reflections of inner beauty or clean eating & lifestyle, and many more.

Upcoming events (3)

2020 Vision - Design your Business & Life

Starbucks Coffee

Do you want to make an impact matching your soul's purpose? Do you feel challenged? Do you feel it should happen more easily when you are working from your heart's space and for a greater good? Join us to explore and smash the 6 most common challenges in Biz & Career. 1. Money 2. Team 3. Mindset 4. Organisation & System 5. Time 6. Starting (Source: Dean Street Society) We'll be using our left, analytical brain to understand our patterns. We will then create new strategic goals for change in our priority challenging areas. To engage both of our brain hemispheres we will be stimulating our right, creative brain by creating a 2020 Vision Board matching the new strategic goals we've just set up. To make your Vision Board super powerful that manifests, I'll be leading you with transformational coaching techniques, asking some powerful questions that will expand you, drive you deeper and keep you focused on what's really important. IMPORTANT!!! Pre-requisite to attend: Please, bring a few magazines to share, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, colour felt tips and an A1 size paper or thin board for you to work on. Event is free but from the courtesy of the venue. Please, purchase your drink before you join us. No outside food or drink is allowed.

Which woman are you? - Exploring archetypes

Starbucks Coffee

We can use archetypes as a navigational tool into our female psyche to uncover psychological forces at play. Much like a horoscope, they provide a sense of identity and a set of thoughts and behaviors that help us better understand our inner mind. Any or all of the archetypes may exist in a woman's psyche at any given time. However, in certain situations or when we are acting a certain role, such as a 'career/business woman', we tend to have one of the archetypes emerging as the dominant one. Each archetype has its strengths and challenges. Knowing ours helps us use our gifts and talents as well as to develop strategies for our challenges. Moreover, we can match our characteristics better with others to find the best fitting collaborations, like puzzle pieces. For example, if my dominant archetype is the Ethereal woman, who is highly imaginative and creative, however, also challenged in execution, I then might want to team up with a Wonder Woman, who is driven by success and achievement. Join us to find your dominant female archetype and in the circle of supportive women find ways to understand yourself and get clarity over what could be done even better to achieve your purpose in life and business. We will fill in a quiz - you will need your mobile phone with internet!!! I will share print outs with further details about your dominant archetype. We will then brainstorm and discuss the best ways we can overcome our challenges. Since we will be in a circle of sisters, we will be picking each others' brains. Among us, we will have so much knowledge - the Ethereal can give suggestions on how to invoke our inner creativity, The Wonder Women will share how they keep themselves focused and driven, the Nurturers will give us guidance on how to stay compassionate when we are tempted to judge ourselves, etc. Please, purchase your drink before joining us - requirement of using the space. Thank you. Kinga & Vieri

Hello Beautiful!

Starbucks Coffee

We'll be exploring natural beauty tricks to help us detox & shine inside out. Vieri is going to teach us about three areas of HAIR CARE: - “What’s in the bottle” - SLS, SLES, MIT, CMIT, PPD, Parabens, Silicons...what are these? Are these “Angels” or “Devils”? Should you be looking for them or stay away? - What causes hair loss? Why did your hair change? - Diet – are you feeding your hair? Kinga is going to share her FACE YOGA journey and show a few fun exercises you can start doing for a natural face lift and 'botox' :-) We are in Starbucks Coffee Community Room, downstairs. Please, purchase your drink before joining us - requirement of using the space. Thank you. Kinga & Vieri

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