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Dec 19 Monthly group meeting and potluck
The next meeting of the Sheb Area French Group will be held at one of the current members' houses on Wed, Dec 19. Please join the group and reply to this post for the exact address and other details. Regardless of your French proficiency, expect to meet a diverse, fun, and committed group whose goal is to celebrate the various French heritages, food, and cultures!

Needs a location

    What we're about

    The Sheboygan Area French Language group has been around for years and welcomes all participants who enjoy spending their time with other French speakers of all levels. This is a wonderful opportunity for those seeking to improve their French proficiency or for those with an excellent or native proficiency looking to spend time with a wonderful, diverse group whose goals are to either improve their own or to help others practice the beautiful French language and culture. This group wholeheartedly welcomes Quebecois, European, and Colonial French speakers equally, as well as those who don't take sides and just want to share time with French speakers regardless of their backgrounds! This group just loves to spend time with any and all French language speakers without prejudice!

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