What we're about

Shelf Space - the science-fiction book club that’s somewhat intending to not-so-boldly go where a number of other science-fiction book clubs have apparently gone before: Manchester.

Join us for talk of robots, aliens, giant spaceships - and robot aliens flying giant spaceships.

The format

Each week, a member of the club selects a book.

Is there a book you adore? Go with it.
Is there a book that changed your life? Let’s read it.
Is there a book you despise? Even better.
Is there a book that you want to delve deeper into? Let’s dive.
Is there a book that totally confuses you? Let’s all be totally confused together.

Our five-question mission: respectful conversation driven by a passion for speculative fiction and pew-pew lasers.

Didn’t finish the book? No problem - just be prepared for spoilers! And first-timers will get a drink on us!

New to the group? Introduce yourself on the discussion board - tell us a little bit about your taste in books and your first science-fiction experience!

Your choice - suggestions are always welcome

We understand that science fiction is a broad and diverse category. To that end, we don’t want to place any explicit restrictions regarding choice of sub-genre. For now, though, we have two rules:

• No direct sequels or spin-offs that may require extensive understanding of the original work (as not everybody may have read the latter)

• No books above 300 pages (until a schedule with a longer lead time is established, giving people more of a chance to ingest longer works - we’re coming, Hyperion!)

So, whether you know what a ‘stack’ is or think ‘1984’ is an album by Taylor Swift, join us for a monthly discussion and a few caffeinated beverages at Chapter One Books in Manchester.

Can’t make Shelf Space? Then check out Madlab’s science-fiction book club (https://madlab.org.uk/groups/manchester-scifi-book-club/).

Feel free to contact the event organiser, Adam, on 07927 736 395.

Or join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1518210441632666/

Please understand that space at any venue will be limited. As such, please only hit the 'Attend' button if you're sure you can make it.

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Shelf Space Manchester: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

"Fleeing her old life, Rosemary Harper joins the multi-species crew of the Wayfarer as a file clerk, and follows them on their various missions throughout the galaxy. The novel concerns itself with character development rather than adventure. Each member of the crew has a story that unfolds, or a crisis to face. They encounter several alien environments on the slow path to their destination. At the end, the ship is damaged by hostile aliens, precipitating changes in the relationships between the characters, setting them on new paths." Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Long_Way_to_a_Small,_Angry_Planet

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Shelf Space Manchester: Dune

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