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    Admitting you are lonely isn't easy, especially when we are supposedly living in an age where we are all supposed to be more connected than ever. But in fact, many recent surveys point to loneliness and social isolation growing across all age groups, not just seniors. So you are definitely not alone.

    Of course, its an individual choice if someone wants to try to take the uneasy steps to build friendships and get to know like minded people, because among other factors, you may feel people might judge or look down on you, perhaps you feel anxious when stepping outside your comfort zone or visiting new places, we all understand this isn't easy, especially if you have ever experienced social anxiety or nervousness with meeting new people in unfamiliar surroundings. But again, you are definitely not alone, having any or all of these reservations is quite normal.

    And so....

    We propose to try and make some changes to loneliness in our community with our fortnightly drop in sessions for all of you!!!!

    We believe with the right setting and people, friendships can flourish!! We'd like to hope Mycenae House in Greenwich becomes your home from home.

    And we as a new, welcoming and friendly group aim to help tackle the loneliness and isolation we all quite normally feel at various points during our lives. The group aims to not only provide the perfect setting for you to make new and meaningful friendships with like-minded people, but also host regular guest speakers from across the full spectrum of issues surrounding loneliness and social isolation in the hope to help guide you to make achievable improvements in your day to day life, if you are indeed, lonely.

    You are also encouraged and very welcome to join if you are not lonely right now, because someone attending could really do with your friendship and company.

    So please, join us, come along and give the group a try because our aim is that the group becomes as much yours as the organizers group, and only together can we really change things to make life better for us all.

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