Theta Healing® and Burnout


What is Theta Healing?

Speaker: Beate Scharnowski

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Come and join us for an informative, fun and light evening as Beate shares with us an introductory of ThetaHealing® and guides us through a simple meditation designed to connect with your higher self and divine energy source; the place from where permanent changes happen.

Take advantage of this opportunity to quiet your mind, experience body testing and test subconscious believes to find out what no longer serves you.

You or someone you love might have been through a Burnout or is going through one right now and these symptoms are all to familiar:

Chronic fatigue, Insomnia, Lack of productivity & Performance, Increased Irritability, Impaired concentration & attention, Physical symptoms, Increased illness, Loss of

appetite & enjoyment, Anxiety/Depression, Isolation/Pessimism, Forgetfulness and/or crying for no apparent reason.

“…. Under stress, you will struggle to cope with pressure. But once burnout takes hold, you’re out of gas and you’ve given up all hope of surmounting your obstacles. When you’re suffering from burnout its more than just fatigue. You have a deep sense of disillusionment and hopelessness that your efforts have been in vain…”

( June 02,2019)

The Burnout Solution is gentle, safe and it works.

Reduce Stress, Improve Your Sleep & Boost Your Immune System, Control Depression/Anxiety, Increase Self Awareness, Control Pain, Recover from Grief and Promote Clarity.

It is time. See you there.


Beate Scharnowski is a highly trained intuitive healer.

She felt highly sensitive to energy since her early childhood.

Is a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner with a background in Reiki, Healing Touch, Reflexology and Massage.

Beate holds a Diploma in Recreation Therapy with well over two decades of experience in the healthcare field.