What we're about

You have come to the right place if one or more of these statements sound familiar:

- You are a professional in a job aching for more fulfilling, inspiring work where you are in control of your time and money.

- You are a stay at home parent who wonders if you could have it all by starting a business that gives you a great L.I.F.E. in Lifestyle, Income, Freedom, Equity.

- You’ve given all your time, talent, and energy to everyone else in your life and feel it’s time to give attention to your own dreams and aspirations.

- You are retired or about to retire and want to stay professionally active and considering a new chapter in your career either full time or part-time.

- You are a veteran returning from service and considering your business and career options in civilian life.

- You are a new graduate evaluating career options in business.

The mission of the Shifting Gears meetup group is to build a community of inspired, highly-motivated individuals who are longing to live more fulfilling, meaningful work they dream of. We support you to get clear about what you want so you can have an occupation you love.

Our mission at Shifting Gears is to offer you the opportunity to envision what your options could be, engage in meaningful conversations, connect with others facing similar choices and challenges, and develop an action plan to keep you moving forward.

Together we get the job done!

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