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Hello shooters and shooter want to be’s. You have come to the right place. Shooters Like Us was an idea I had two years ago and we have trained/improved hundreds of shooters in this really cool sport.

Were stepping it up by joining teams with http://www.Gun101.com . Please take a look at the new site, favorite and share will you? Shooters Like Us will always remain a FREE service to help bring people into the sport. Gun101, LLC is a pay as you go training program and will provide a lot of advance training and be of GREAT benefit to America.

Please tell your friends and family about us and ask them to join the team. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’d like to break 500 members in the month of July. Will you help me with this goal? 919.300.6520. Text or call. Or email Cole@Gun101.com . Thanks now, God bless.


Upcoming events (5+)

The Range at True North Fun Match

The range

This is our monthly fun match. This is a great match for the first time shooter in that the rules and penalties are relaxed but is still challenging enough for the experienced shooter. Check in is from 12pm to 12:45pm with the match starting at 1pm. There will be 6 stages with approximately 150 rounds total. Time Plus level I match, Price: $20

The Action Pistol League

Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center

OVERVIEW: The Action Pistol League matches include four stages of fire that involve drawing and shooting a pistol while moving and engaging multiple targets. The stages at each league meeting are similar to USPSA/IPSC, NRA Action Pistol and IDPA matches; however, league matches are not officially sanctioned by any of these organizations. Each stage typically requires eight to 24 rounds for each course with a total round count for the match of less than 100 rounds. Matches usually take two hours or less to complete. An explanation for each course of fire will be provided prior to its being shot. Check out the following video to watch a clip from this match: https://youtu.be/f6VD3blwtkg PREREQUISITE: If you have never shot a competition before, please inform one of our organizers before you shoot this match. We ask this because we like to balance our squads to help the match move faster. Wake County Range Card required. Must notify match director of attendance (see "Pricing and Registration" below). GEAR REQUIRED: Action Pistol League is a four stage match requiring less than 100 rounds, a pistol and holster along five magazines (if you don't have five magazines, we'll have someone reload for you while you are shooting). SHERPA holsters or any similar holsters that use the trigger finger to release the pistol are not permitted. Ear and eye protection mandatory even if you are just observing. Wear appropriate attire, including covered shoes and no loose fitting clothing that could allow an ejected round to lodge between the skin and clothing. Water and snacks are recommended, however NO FOOD OR DRINK IS PERMITTED INSIDE THE FIRING RANGE. When not shooting, keep unloaded firearm in holster at all times. This is a Cold Range. Only touch firearm when you are in the shooting box and instructed to “Make Ready”. PRICING and REGISTRATION: Bring $20 in cash, as payment is made upon arrival (no credit cards accepted). In addition to your RSVP here at SFE Shooters, to ensure your spot, please RSVP with Match Director Parrish Ketchmark at [masked].

ZSA 2-gun @ 37 PSR

37 Public Shooting Range and Gun Club

Zombies spotted at 37 PSR. ZSA 2-Gun Rifle/Pistol Match (Average course is 50 rounds for each) 4th Friday of every month Registration opens at 5:00pm Match starts at 6:00pm

North Steel Pistol Match

The Range

This is our monthly all steel pistol match. Check in is from 10am to 10:45am with the match starting at 11am. There will be 6 stages with a total round count of approximately 150 rounds. Steel must fall to count !! If you have not shot an all steel match you have to try this. Bring your big sticks and load them up. There is a warning: It is addictive! [Like: The most fun you can have with your clothes on VS doing laundry, being the least amount of fun you can have with your clothes off] FUN FUN FUN...wash rinse double stack repeater. https://practiscore.com/clubs/the-range-at-true-north

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