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Hello all: Just a friendly reminder........ if you plan on coming to an event PLEASE RSVP so that we can all see, (especially me), and if you post that you are coming, but then change your mind for whatever reason, (TOTALLY fine), PLEASE, you have to let me know, either on the event page, or feel free to send me a message directly if you like. Over the last few weeks, I've had people who never RSVP'd, asking me why I cancelled an event, (lack of attendance), and in 1 instance I still held the event and showed up, even though it was only 1 person who said they were coming, but that person didn't show up and never told me they changed their mind, which obviously was very disappointing.

Just asking for a little courtesy, as my time and effort is just as valuable as yours is, of course.

Thank you! :)