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The next meetup is going to be one of the most exciting meetups we've had to date! We'll have a great mix of functional programming for the web (by Chris McDevitt, Skimlinks), and getting started in hybrid mobile development (by Richard Kotze). Full details below. See you there!

Building single-page apps with Clojurescript (@chris_mcdevitt (

Clojurescript, the Clojure to js compiler, has come a long way since it's inception. Additions like core.async, React.js wrappers like Om and Reagent, improved build tools, and big improvements to the compiler, have made single page app development in a functional language a breeze. After a short intro to the language we'll discuss some of the React.js based libraries and demonstrate the process of building an app.

Getting started with Ionic for Android (@richardkotze (

Looking forward to start development with Ionic for Android? We will demonstrate how to setup the Ionic Framework on a Windows machine (with some tips and tricks for MacOSX as well) and tools used to build and deploy to an Android device. We will also cover potential issues you may encounter along the way.

52 Bevenden Street · London, N1 6BL
25 spots left