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Are you a writer? Are you interested in attending the Shoreline Writing Workshop Meetups? We meet in East Haven usually every other week. We read for 5 minutes (approx 1,000 words), then critique each other's work in a gentle and kind manner.

The Shoreline Writing Workshop Meetup. Something right out of our wildest MFA dreams, where writers can gather to develop our art in a safe supportive environment. Where our ideas, critiques, concerns, our craft and, above all, our experiences are encouraged, discussed intelligently, and where our contributions are exploring the core of literature and craft.

This is a weekly Meetup for writers of fiction who want to be published and who don't have the time or perhaps the finances to get an MFA but who feel they need readers and feedback on the writing they do.

Are you writing a short story or short stories, or a book, or books? Maybe you're working on a memoir or creative non-fiction? This group has a fairly rigid structure based on some studies of the craft and practice of creative writing. Among our aims will be mastering the fine art (MFA) of creative writing by:
I. Reading with purpose short selections of various styles;
II. Writing with focus our own stories; and
III. Becoming part of a writing support group where we will workshop each others writing they way they do in MFA programs.

If you want to thrive in a small community of artists; if you want to learn and grow as a writer (and reader and workshop member), then tell us a little about yourself and send no more than 500 sample words when you ask to join.

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