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Shut Up & Write - Cupertino

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This little coffee shop in Cupertino is not just another Starbucks. It's not any old coffee and dessert shop like the ones that are so popular now either. Janice Chua, the owner, is especially supportive of our group and has agreed to be a backup host so please take the opportunity to introduce yourself - she's almost always there Monday nights. Come enjoy a superb cup of coffee made expressly for you, nibble on a dessert or try some Humphrey Slocombe ice cream straight from SF, meet some fellow writers and get in an hour (or more) of writing. (I think they're normally open until 10 pm at night.)

Bitter+Sweet is at 20560 Town Center Lane off De Anza Blvd. There are two major freeway exits from De Anza, 85 and 280. If you're going South on De Anza from Stevens Creek Blvd (or coming off 280), you will have to go to make a U-turn at McClellen/Pacifica so you can make a right turn onto Town Center Lane. If you're coming from 85 or Bollinger just come straight down De Anza until you pass Pacifica and it'll be on your right. There's an Amici's on the corner and if you miss it you can turn at the Wells Fargo on Rodrigues and De Anza.

The maximum number of attendees has been increased to 8. Janice will bring in a table or two from outside if necessary. I'm almost always there 10-15 minutes early so if you don't see the sign, look for my blonde hair and bright red bag. (normally I have the red bag anyways)

The agenda will be:

7:00 - 7:15: Introductions / 7:15 - 8:15: Shut Up and Write! / After 8:15: Continue writing or leave as you choose. We can also socialize with fellow SU&W members with their permission.

A note of clarification. We are a writing club, not a writers club. Our primary purpose is to get together with other writers and write for an hour on a regular basis in the company of other writers. A secondary purpose is to offer an opportunity to meet other writers in our area. If you wish to grab a bite to eat and socialize, you should come a little early because at 7:15 the writing hour starts. If you want to have an extended discussion with someone, you should continue after 8:15 or arrange to meet with them at another time, perhaps by coming earlier to the next meeting.

Of course, if you are serious about writing, you will be writing a lot more than one hour a week, and our meetings will be simply a chance to change up your routine, get out of your house or office, gain a sense of belonging to the writing community and profit by giving and receiving encouragement from people who understand writing and its challenges and opportunities.