What we're about

Welcome to the Shy Peoples Drawing Club! :)

Are you super super shy, but you also want to go out and draw things, but you are too shy to just get out there and draw things all on your lonesome? Come! let us be shy and draw things together!! We also have weekly art challenges for anybody interested! more info on that is on our Instagram @Shypeoplesdrawingclub

All types of artists are welcome, traditional, digital, 3D, makeup artists, musicians. Literally any type of art!

All Skill levels are also welcome with 0 expectation or judgement. This group is about making friends and growing as artists together, i will not tolerate anyone making someone feel bad about their art!

Its totally ok if your super anxious and shy at the events, its a group for shy people! there is absolute no pressure to be super talkative. If you feel comfortable just sitting quietly that's totally fine.

Extroverts are also allowed as long as they understand its a group of very shy people

And also THIS IS NOT A DATING MEETUP GROUP if anybody makes you feel uncomfortable in any way let me ( Zoë ) know as soon as possible! I will straight up ban people if they behave inappropriately

We also have an Instagram and Discord group! if you want to join our Discord message me for an invite on either Meetup or Instagram

Past events (162)

Digital Friday Night Sketchathon ✏️

Needs a location

Sunday Afternoon Sketchathon

Alexandra Gardens

Sunday Afternoon Sketchathon

Library at The Dock

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