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Do you ever get anxious in social situations? Are you ever about to talk with someone and you get completely tongue twisted and/or second guess yourself on what you are going to say? Have you ever felt like you missed out on the relationship of your dreams because you didn’t act?

This group is for everyone that sees themselves as being shy, timid, reserved, or perhaps a bit inhibited. We sometimes hold ourselves back in different situations even though we may actually want to do the opposite and be bold, confident, and courageous. All the while it being relaxed and effortless.

We create a safe space for you to explore and see what’s possible. Maybe at first, just peeking out from behind your shell. Or maybe fully busting through whatever is holding back from being your true self and connecting with whomever you chose. Whether it is to create and expand meaningful connections with new people or with someone you already know.

No matter what level of shy you are, join us. Whether you see yourself as very introverted or consider yourself extroverted with a side of shy. Either way, come and see how you can be more open from where you are and be supported. Just have an open mind and an open heart.

Meetups are held once a month on the first Wednesday of each month. Every Meetup is totally dynamic and will have a new subject to learn; as well as different techniques and exercises to help you be in touch with yourself and others. We may also have a keynote speaker from time to time to add to the value of this Meetup.

Join group to:

• Be confident and comfortable in social situations

• Always know what to say to whomever, whenever

• Stop second guessing yourself

• Have the relationships you have always wanted

• Build lasting authentic friendships

• Have fun, laugh, and let loose (maybe just a little)

• Learn and practice skills to overcome your challenges

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