What we're about

We are a local community residing in Vancouver, BC encouraging people to feel safe and converse philosophy with new people freely!

Thank you Little Mountain Neighborhood House (LMNH) for hosting us!

Philo means love, Sophy means wisdom and so it means "love of wisdom" and literally pursues it.
In doing so it has given birth to several academia studies that are still present today from over two thousand years ago. It covers everything from metaphysics to morality to linguistics to gender studies and beyond. The primary objective is to simply define the simplicity of 'what is' within discussions and views. Those who travel in this void experience greater depths of insight and understanding.
At Shy Philosophers, our humble objective is much the same. We come together in a love of wisdom, seeking insightful conversation and clever company. It's a great space were people come together to share their thoughts ideas around abstract concepts, contentious, thoughtful, and for some irrational ideas about life. The idea is to not dominate one's views but to reasonably questions oneself and another's through reason, belief and your own inner conviction to access a greater depth in knowledge and wisdom collectively..
All meetups will have a theme. Each meetup theme will vary from different philosophy period's from classical to modern, and may even fall upon current philosophical events. Each meetup will begin with a short recap of the issue with a question to allow the discussion to flourish.

• It's a fun experience and the conversations inevitably lead down a journey that is not predicted!
• This is an ideal space to learn about debates, how to create them, and why some crumble and some stand.
Discover subtle differences in other people's views
• Learn about yourself and others
• Gaining the skills of rebuilding your views and making your point as 'bulletproof' as possible in the moment!
Please join us even if you want to observe. The gift of listening is always welcomed! Please let the facilitator know that you would like to listen so we are aware of your desired choice.
At each meet-up we are asked to collectively participate in our code of ethics:
Bring your thoughts. Please remember we come in a space of friends where we share ideas and absorb them through listening. There is no urgency or battle to be won. The need for better arguer's is to not dominate but to celebrate the ability to be present in the conversation through honesty and vulnerability. On the main page under Shy Philosophers check the mini clip provided by Daniel Cohen for further understanding.
Code of ethics for each Shy Philosopher Night!

  1. The group conversation is "basketball style" - where we pass the ball or time to speak around to each other briefly as if we are all on the same team cooperatively. Instead of "ping pong style" where only two people go back and forth adversarially, please be mindful to this metaphor to aim for basketball, not ping pong.

  2. Share your relevant point in 2 mins or less (each time). A hand signal from the facilitator will be given when you have 30 seconds left.
    An abrupt ending will be given at 3 mins maximum and another member will speak thereafter.

  • Exceptions - can be discussed and requested in the meetup if it comes up.
  1. We are proud that we are respectful and open-minded to the ideas of others. (I.E waiting for your turn, mindful comments) please help us keep it that way.

  2. Comment on the point . And naturally refrain from commenting on the person it can become an ad hominem (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ad+hominem)

  3. Please bring .50 cents to help keep Shy Philosophers alive.
    SCHEDULE - EVERY 2ND and 4TH WEDNESDAY of the month 7pm to 9pm at Little Mountain Neighborhood House.
    (the room to your left upon entering - can see through the front window)

Boundaries for Organizers and Meetup Facilitators -

  1. No event spamming - this means no listing of reoccurring meetings that shows up every week of every month ongoing. This clutters the page.

  2. Limit is to list meetings only within the next four weeks. For Co-Organizers and Organizers please check-in with each other if you are gonna add new organizers to the first before any change of roles are handed out.

3)This is a local group for those residing in Vancouver. This is not for advertising your business.



For additional point of view on the groups space that we create together;
please view Daniel Cohen's discussion in the need for better arguers. Skip to 7:30 for the meaty part! =)

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