What we're about

There's no denying, Vancouver is an expensive city.
Gas is going up, rent is expensive and your day job is barely making enough to cover your living expenses.

Instead of cutting costs,
What if there is a way to make more, say an extra $200-$500 a month with as little as a few hours a week?
What if this involves doing something ethical (no pyramids and ponzis)?
What if you can start without any major upfront costs?
And what if it involves doing what you enjoy doing?
What if you can get results by next month?

Enter Side Hustle Vancouver!

You may have heard of stories of people who started off with a photography hobby who started doing wedding photography to make extra money on the side or a new grad who loves flying drones decided to start charging to take aerial photos for realtors or moms with a passion for baking who started bake classes or cooking courses and made $1000 a month.

These may not be a lot but it's a start for many of them and the exciting thing is you can do it too, without quitting your job.

It's easy to say, let's start one, but it's the execution that we all fall short on. This is why this group exists.


Our mission is to help achievers identify opportunities, formulate businesses and implement to get results. (that's why we have the ACTION RESULTS in our name). If you want a get rich sitting on your butt, this group is not for you. We only want ACHIEVERS who are willing to TAKE ACTION and reap the results.

We want to help each person identify opportunities and action steps so each person will be making their first dollar by next month (or 10X their hustles if they have one).

Our goal is to help each person take ideas and opportunities and turn them into income generating vehicles that can supplement their day time income. Our meetings will consist of brainstorming sessions facilitated by mentors who've been there and done that where each person will walk off with a set of ACTIONABLE steps.

If you see yourself as an achiever and are hungry to make an extra $100-200 by next month, we welcome you.


This group has ZERO tolerance for Pyramid Scheme/MLM/Ponzi Scam Policy. We've seen enough MLMs/ponzis and can smell one from a mile away. Recruiting for a pyramid scheme will result in automatic removal from the group.

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