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(Non-Club) Fracking in North Carolina: It's Complicated (Carolina Science Café)

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The Science Café is co-sponsored the first Wednesday of every month between UNC and Sigma Xi. Free food (pizza, chicken nuggets, cookies and sweets).

Fracking in North Carolina: It's Complicated

(From the email description:)

Some environmentalists carry signs that say "fracking = death." Industry boosters promote fracking as a road to cleaner energy and less reliance on foreign oil. Who's right? The reality may be somewhere in between. Fracking is a technology for extracting natural gas and oil that may be used in North Carolina in the future. Come hear Adrian Down, Ph.D. candidate in Duke's ecology program, talk about the scientific perspective on fracking, possibilities for the future of fracking on North Carolina, and share insights from research in North Carolina and other parts of the US.

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