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Sierra Vista Preppers is designed to be a community for like minded individuals who are concerned about being prepared in the event of a disaster. This can include things like: floods, electrical grid failures, economic collapse, government collapse, global war, viral outbreak, a new civil war, solar flares, earthquakes, getting lost in the woods, home defense, car broken down on the side of the road, you name it. Bottom line: Learn how to take care of yourself!

We are not so much interested in conspiracy theories or the paranoid and if you are that person who is super in love with the whole "Zombie Apocalypse" thing, this probably isn't the group for you :) We are based upon facts and analysis of world events with some sort of personal research behind it. If you only watch the news, you've probably been misinformed. Most networks put their own spin on the topic. If you want the real story, you have to go out and look it up yourself from multiple sources and draw your own conclusions. On that note, politics are not a main focus of this group. Political topics will come up but we are not about Democrat or Republican finger-pointing. We are NOT anti-government nor are we a gun crazy militia of any sort and still love the United States of America. Do some research on the events of Hurricane Katrina and you will find that what happened there, can happen anywhere. A disaster that severely affects our daily way of life and basic necessities like electricity, water and food will create a much different scenario and it can get ugly.

The purpose of this group is to create a community of reliable people to help support each other for if and when the SHTF scenario ever happens and to help everyone prepare in the mean time for whatever may happen. This could include: food preservation/growing techniques, camping/wilderness skills, firearms training, home security tips, self defense, basic first aid/CPR, etc. We also focus on wilderness survival and skills that will help save your life out during a hiking or camping mishap.

If you have found this group then you have probably came to the same conclusion that things in this country have become very wrong, and admittedly quite scary. Being part of a group or community is very vital in survival situations and it is always better to be prepared for anything. A "lone wolf" will not have anybody to watch their back and there are always a strength in numbers.

For those who just want to learn or can help provide the sharing of any skills, I look forward to meeting up soon!

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