What we're about

Welcome to Signal Independent Filmmakers! Whether you’re a newbie, a novice or accomplished at your trade this group is for anyone passionate about the filmmaking industry. This includes filmmakers, actors, directors, producers, videographers, still photographers, writers, art/set/prop designers and illustrators, sound techs, lighting techs, grips, make-up artists, costume designers and music composers. There’s two primary ingredients needed to produce a quality film… a great story or idea and the right talent to turn screenplay into a visual tour de force. Everything I plan on doing or being part of is built upon these two foundations.

The purpose of this group is twofold:
(1) To produce quality films (shorts, feature length, skits, videos, etc.)
(2) To function as a hub for filmmaking talent to meet, collaborate and learn from each other

…A third purpose is to have fun. After all, if it isn’t fun why bother?

My philosophy and outlook on life...

If someone were to ask me what is a good life, I'd use a chair metaphor. Each leg of the chair forms a foundation and represents the following principles:

1. Follow a healthy and active lifestyle (achieve good health)

2. Learn all you can

3. Try new things and experience all you can

4. Make as many friends and develop as many good relationships as possible because... "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far and high, go together with others."

=> This meetup group embraces three of these four principles.

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Signal Indie Filmmakers Kick-off Meeting

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