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To find respite from the hectic daily rush hour, crowded restaurants, and overall hubbub of life, come walk with with our silent hiking group. It's ideal for people interested in turning down life's volume by walking quietly through Nature, listening only to the wind in the trees, birdsong, and our footfalls. The walks and hikes will be for small groups only, up to 10 people, and will range from shorter walks along flatter trails to more challenging hikes with hills and elevation gain. While the walk itself will be silent to allow for contemplation among other like-minded folks, before and after we can socialize.

On longer walks, with breaks, conversation is ok during the break; once we start moving, we'll return to our silent mode. Hike leaders will try to set the pace to accommodate the majority of the group, generally 3 mph or the posted walk pace. Please encourage interested friends to join: This ensures that all walkers will understand how the walks work. If you have read the book 'Quiet', this group should be right up your alley.

Also due to the nature of the walks, dogs are not welcome. Sorry to our furry four-legged friends.

Welcome to the Silent Soles :)

Upcoming events (3)

Walk the paths of Seneca Creek State Park, 4-5 miles

Seneca Creek State Park

Just a leisurely walk around this park, a circuit of Clopper Lake included and wherever els we'd like to branch off to. ***Park in the lot at the far end of Seneca Creek road in the park's west end***

Mt. Vernon Trail-4.5 mile amble, up and back

Mount Vernon Inn

What could be better than a Potomac shoreline walk on a Saturday morning? Park in the lot by the circular drive, at the farthest end, away from Mt. Vernon Inn, near the bench and the water fountain, and head up the trail at a 3.0 mph pace, though slower or faster is fine, as we do get a little spread out on this one. We have thrice spotted bald eagles on this walk. The turnaround point is right before the bridge underpass, the the large pilons in the river along the edge. It's a nice peaceful low-impact journey - do join us!

Enjoy the forests of Fountainhead Regional Park (5-7 miles)

Fountainhead Regional Park parking area

Here's the description from Hiking Upward: http://www.hikingupward.com/OVH/Fountainhead/ This is a beautiful woods walk with nice water views at the halfway point. This hike does have some up and down to it - not long climbs but it's hardly flat. Boots would be wise to wear, as it is likely to be muddy in spots.

Past events (158)

Burke Lake walkaround, 5 miles

Burke Lake Park Marina

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