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If you want total focus on your writing without distraction, you'll like this meetup. Think of it like a library that you can eat in. Or a coffee shop where you don't have to turn your headphones up to drown out the whine of an espresso machine.

It's not that we don't like talking or having espresso made, it's just that we don't like it while we're trying to concentrate on our writing.

If you like being in the vicinity of other humans who are also writing while you write and might even consider striking up a conversation with someone later (outside the room please), this Meetup is for you.

Realistically, I won't have time to reply to everyone or accommodate most requests. I started this group so I can get my own writing done and my goal is to do that for myself and empower others as well. I will read all notes and do my best to vary locations and times but I am also limited to my own schedule. I live on the westside and will probably book most meetings that are convenient for me (just being honest).

If you don't see something that meets your needs in this group or want more, I encourage you to try two things:

1. Copy this idea and start your own Meetup! I would love to see more of these around and if you do it, feel free to post a link to your group in this group. Go for it. Do what makes sense for you.

2. Writers Blok is a great space that I recommend in Culver City with lots of support for writers. It's a really nice community run by a really nice guy who cares a lot about cultivating a strong community for writers. And he brings in amazing guest speakers:

Happy writing!


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Silent Writing Meetup - 2 Hour Block



Bring whatever you need to use to write. Plan to show up and get to work. You'll be greeted with a silent smile. :) Why does it cost five bucks? When you RSVP, you're taking a spot that someone else won't get and if you invest a small bit of cash, you're more likely to show up and use the spot. Plus, I'll use the funds to buy some healthy snacks for the group. Looking forward to it!

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Silent Writing Meetup - 3.5 Hour Block

WeWork The Tower


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