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This is not a traditional book club. There is no assigned reading (i.e. no homework. Yay!).

This is a group for people who love to read, and want to read with other people. Bring a book, bring a friend, and order a drink. Then settle in for an hour or two of quiet reading with fellow book lovers. There's no assigned reading or discussion guides—that's the "silent" part of our book club—but we do like to share book recommendations and meet like-minded readers.

We all read whatever we want. If you want to just stop by, sit down and read for a bit, and then leave, that's perfectly acceptable. If you want to read, share/talk about what you're reading, get something to eat/drink, hang out after the reading session - any and all of that is encouraged as well.

This group is for relaxing-reading time. It doesn't matter what you are reading - books, magazines, cereal boxes.

Learn more about Silent Book Club and sign up for member perks on our website, https://silentbook.club/ .

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Join us for a relaxing read


Put down your phone. Pick up a book.

Capital Ale House

Sit. Relax. Read.

Capitol Ale House

Join us for a relaxing read

Capital Ale House