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“AI is more profound to humanity than fire or electricity.” – Sundar Pichai, Google CEO

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are transforming every industry and driving innovation. AI combined with disruptive technologies like AR/ VR/ MR will have a huge impact on our life.

Calling Start-ups, VCs , Tech Companies, Engineers, Entrepreneurs and Enthusiasts who are interested in learning Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI technologies.

Come join our meetup to discuss/ explore these technologies. We will host seminars, discussions, panels and hack sessions in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, BOTs, AR/ VR, and other emerging technologies. Through these meet ups, we will explore use cases, implications and impact of these technologies on your business and life. We will invite ML / DL / BOTs experts from industry and academia as well hands-on ML/DL experts who will show you how to develop or use solutions that are already available.

From Beginner to experts. Come and Join us.

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Introduction to AI: Uses, Implications and Impact

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