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"Lean + UX = Awesome... then Multiply by Agile Practices" SV-ALN Agile Meetup

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"Lean + UX = Awesome... then Multiply by Agile Practices"

1. Intro to Lean + UX (and how it dovetails with Agile)

2. Rapid sketching skills/ UX scenario sketching activity

3. Unifying LeanUX and Agile Team Practices


We've all heard the words "lean startup", "MVP", "Pivot" and"UX/UI"...but what do they really mean in everyday Agile teams? In this rapid-fire and fun mini-workshop, Kate Rutter of LUXr will give a rundown on the key concepts that every product team needs to know to make products that customers want, need and love to buy.

You'll see a model of user experience that is so simple you can draw iton a whiteboard, then jump in and do a quick activity to visually communicate why your product matters to people. We'll wrap up with a peer-sharing of our work and Q&A.

More about the hands-on activity:
- Purpose: Learn to quickly sketch a scenario of a customer/user isa key skill in fast-moving Agile and lean teams.
- Skills: Show the group how to draw a basic scenario in 5 minutes. Absolutely no prior experience is expected...this is about sketching for communication, not for "art."
- Application: Using their new skills and 3 simple prompts, participants will sketchquick visual scenarios of their customer, a moment of problem/pain, anda moment of value that their product delivers.
- Wrap-Up: participants will have a simple 1-sheet that clarifiesthe core value proposition for delivering a great user experience. (hint: it's not about the interface!). Also how LeanUX and Agile teams work together to get exponential results.


6:30 PM - 7:00 PM Networking/ Refreshments

7:00 PM - 7:10 PM Intro/ Annoucements

7:10 PM - 8:30 PM Speaker & Learning Exercises

8:30 PM - 8:40 PM Retro & Wrap Up

8:40 PM - 9:00 PM Networking

About Kate Rutter, Co-founder & Principal of Luxr:

Kate is a strategist and designer with a talent for bringing companies and customers closer together through lean strategies, inventive design and participatory practices. Before joining LUXr, Kate was with Adaptive Path where she specialized in user research and design for complex and emerging digital systems. She's brought customer empathy and collaborative design practices to companies such as Nokia, Travel+Leisure Publishing, Globo Networks, and Greenpeace.

Kate speaks and leads workshops regularly at conferences and universities, including SXSW, UX Week, the iSchool at UC California and Haas School of Business.

Kate serves as an adviser to startups, including Foodspotting, MileSense, and Pickie. She serves as a mentor at Startup Monthly.