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Big data machine learning and data products with Python and H2O

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Come learn about H2O, an open source predictive analytics platform. Unlike traditional analytics tools, H2O provides a combination of extraordinary math and high performance parallel processing with unrivaled ease of use. H2O speaks the language of data science with support for Python, R, Scala, Java and a robust REST API. Smart business applications are powered by H2O’s NanoFastTM Scoring Engine.

- Introduction to H2O
- Overview of how H2O fits into the PyData / SciKit / production Python ecosystem
- Deeper dive into using H2O Python for
- Fast in-memory data frame for fast data munging
- Parallel and distributed in-memory machine learning
- Fast production scoring

This will be a demo rich meet-up.

Presented by:
Hank Roark is a Data Scientist and Hacker at H2O. Hank has a broad background in physics, software engineering, research, and data science. Hank's particular enjoys modeling data from sensors and the Internet of Things. He dreams in dictionary comprehensions and likes pop-up TMBG concerts. Spencer Aiello wrote the Python & R rapids architecture. Spencer is data scientist turned into software engineer. His talks are filled with examples from scikit and python. His official bio says, "Spencer is a tall drink of H2O: mysterious and furry. He enjoys long bike rides in the scorching sun. He has no life beyond H2O."